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Looking to attract, assess and effectively manage candidates when hiring for your business?​

With years of RPO experience, we make sure to work closely with you and define your employment needs before implementing them. Ensuring it is a solution that works for you is our highest priority. We are proud of our long-lasting partnerships, and our dedicated professionals work as an extension of your team to deliver RPO campaigns to the highest standard. With Amberjack, you can choose from a range of RPO models that fit your requirements.

Therefore, whether you are preparing to attract candidates for high-volume hiring periods or require a complete overhaul of your current recruitment process, we are there for you.

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Amberjack's RPO Solutions

Candidate Attraction

In a competitive market, identifying and engaging with suitable candidates is an ongoing challenge when it comes to talent acquisition. Most recruitment outsourcing providers will have a specialist Attraction and Employer Brand team who can provide deep insight into your sector and help and guide you on the best way to reach your target audience.

In Early Careers recruitment, this can often be a complex and resource-heavy part of the recruitment campaign and outsourcing hiring can provide huge efficiencies and cost savings.

We excel in graduate recruitment and identifying the perfect candidates for the job.

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Candidate Assessments​

Volume hiring campaigns involve managing many applications that must be processed quickly and effectively.

RPO companies like Amberjack can offer support across the recruitment lifecycle, from screening initial applications or CVs to reviewing video interview submissions and managing or facilitating assessment centres.

Our fully trained assessors are experienced in selecting the most appropriate candidates and provide a fair and consistent assessment method.

Candidate Management

While a massive influx of job candidates can be an excellent problem, it can be challenging for in-house recruiting teams to manage.

Our outsourced recruiting solutions can handle this burden, using our expertise and resources to ensure all candidates have the best possible experience.

Whether responding to candidate queries and questions promptly, creating tailored communications to improve engagement, or providing pre-assessment tech or coaching calls, we can act as an extension of your team.

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Reasons to Outsource Recruitment Solutions

Many businesses across various sectors frequently opt for recruitment process outsourcing services to reap the benefits of hiring young talent with high potential. Below are several compelling reasons to contemplate outsourcing your recruitment efforts:
Stress-Free Recruitment
The recruitment process can be intimidating, especially for organisations needing a well-established HR division. Devoting time to post job ads, review CVs, and engage with potential candidates can be challenging.

Recruitment outsourcing services offer a solution to alleviate the burden of hiring by handling administrative tasks on your behalf. By doing so, you can focus on managing your business and entrust the task of finding skilled individuals to be experts in the field.
In modern times, young professionals are increasingly aware that employers seek potential talent.
Consequently, they approach their job decisions with great care and consideration. They seek businesses that offer something unique that differentiates them from their peers.

By recruiting apprentices through outsourcing, businesses can set themselves apart from other employers by implementing efficient and professional procedures. This can positively impact and foster enthusiasm among candidates for working with the organisation.

A recruitment process outsourcing company possesses in-depth expertise in the hiring process and are well-versed in the most effective avenues for sourcing young talent.

Their knowledge enables businesses to avoid potential pitfalls, such as advertising jobs in inappropriate locations or utilising inadequate assessment tools.

Amberjack’s rpo services offer organisations access to diverse early career talent, encompassing individuals from various backgrounds and promoting neurodiversity.

This gives employers a valuable opportunity to identify potential candidates they might have yet to be able to access through other means.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have any questions about recruitment process outsourcing? Here are answers to some of the most common queries.

What is Recruitment Process Outsourcing?

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is when an organisation transfers all or part of its recruitment functions to an external service provider to improve hiring efficiency, reduce costs, and access top talent.

Through the utilisation of Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO), employers gain advantages such as heightened efficiency, reduced costs, and expanded access to a more extensive talent reservoir. It also contributes to an enhanced candidate experience, preventing any potential reneges.

Our recruitment outsourcing process involves working with clients to understand their specific recruitment needs before developing and implementing a customised solution.

This could be as simple as offering burst capacity for busy parts of the season or outsourcing company recruitment from attraction to onboarding.

For more information, check out our blog “What is RPO?

  • “We will lose control around the quality of the candidates attending the assessment centre.”
  • “Our employer brand will be weakened.”
  • “We can do it cheaper in-house.”

The above are all statements that can usually come from employers. However, outsourced recruitment, done correctly, proves all these points incorrect.

  • Step 1

Reach a consensus on a comprehensive scope of work, establish mutually acceptable financial terms, and create a tailor-made service level agreement.

  • Step 2

We will commence with an introductory implementation workshop. The provider will present a broad outline of the implementation timeline, highlighting key milestone dates during this session.

Underpinning this will be an intricate project blueprint. You will determine the frequency of meetings, establish a RAID log, and assign primary owners to each deliverable.

  • Step 3

The design phase for the Selection tool will commence – the client will be required to pinpoint essential stakeholders across the organisation who can participate in a brief job analysis session alongside a member of the assessment team from the external provider. 

After the tools have been devised, the client should once again involve the stakeholders for participation in a trial by subject matter experts (SMEs), followed by a trial involving incumbents, including existing graduates or apprentices in their current roles.

  • Step 4

Technology development phase – your provider will request participation in workshops to gather requirements, ensuring accurate capture of all your recruitment procedures.

Following the finalisation of the technology development, the client must perform two cycles of user acceptance testing.

  • Step 5

Collaborating with the marketing team of the external provider to furnish promotional materials and establish a consensus on the attraction strategy.

  • Step 6

Assessor orientation – the providers invite members of the client’s organisation to participate in the assessor briefing before the official launch.

This allows the client to submerse the provider’s team with knowledge about the organisation.

  • 100% fulfilment of hiring demand
  • Continual improvements in both client and candidate satisfaction year after year.
  • Execution within a predefined budget for the campaign.
  • Comprehensive suggestions to facilitate the ongoing enhancement of the selection process.
  • Benefit from the latest marketing, tech and assessment innovations

We have provided RPO services to many organisations across industries. Here’s a concise overview of our efforts and a link to access the complete case study for more detailed information, should you require it.

  • Virgin Media O2 – Building upon the achievements of the preceding years, Virgin Media O2 aspired to elevate their standards even further. We assisted them in consistently enhancing their methods for attracting, evaluating, and engaging candidates, resulting in remarkable accomplishments that exceeded their initial goals.

  • Morrisons – The new digital recruitment programme featured cutting-edge technology without sacrificing the human experience for candidates.
  • Mars – Mars needed an early talent recruitment process to improve candidate experience, deliver future-proof talent that stands out, and raise overall efficiency.
  • Atkins – Amberjack designed a customised and interactive process by drawing on insight and feedback and utilising our in-house expertise.

Leading RPO firms adopt a comprehensive approach to talent acquisition, leveraging talent science, technology, and refined processes to tackle recruitment challenges. These top RPO providers understand that a uniform strategy only works for some organisations. Instead, they offer tailored solutions, drawing on their extensive experience and resources to address specific recruitment needs.

Each organisation has unique requirements that demand a flexible, customised RPO strategy. It is beneficial to choose a firm with broad experience in various fields, such as talent acquisition, talent management, digital recruiting technology, and organisational consulting.

This ensures that your recruitment efforts benefit from both detailed and overarching perspectives. Partnering with a premier RPO company that emphasises a holistic RPO approach will demonstrate the significant contributions of your employees at individual, team, and organisational levels.

It’s crucial to collaborate with an RPO firm that considers you a partner, investing time to understand your personnel, workflows, culture, market, and industry. The right partner will utilise their expertise to identify the most effective RPO solutions, driving your business towards success.

Companies must devise intelligent, innovative strategies for talent discovery that optimise resources, achieve results efficiently, and maximise time and investment.

Successful recruitment hinges on consistently placing the best candidates in the correct positions. A dynamic and adaptable recruitment process can lower hiring costs, accelerate the hiring timeline, and help identify top-quality candidates, enabling the growth of motivated and high-performing teams.

The cost of Recruitment Process Outsourcing can differ significantly based on various factors, such as the range of services provided, the company’s size, the complexity of the hiring requirements, and the geographical location. Here are some typical pricing models for RPO:

  1. Cost Per Hire: This model charges a fee for each candidate successfully placed. The price varies per hire, depending on the level of the position and the volume of hires.


  2. Management Fee: Some RPO providers charge a monthly management fee, which can have a large pricing range. This fee covers the ongoing management of the recruitment process.


  3. Hybrid Pricing: A combination of a management fee and a cost per hire. This model might involve a lower management fee coupled with a reduced cost per hire, balancing fixed and variable costs.


  4. Project-Based Pricing: For short-term or specific projects, RPO services can be charged on a project basis. The cost for project-based RPO can vary greatly depending on the project’s scope and duration.

The exact cost structure will depend on the agreement with the RPO provider and the business’s specific needs. It’s important to have a clear understanding of the pricing model and discuss all potential costs upfront to avoid any surprises.

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is where a company will enlist the help of a third-party to take control of some business tasks that are deemed non-essential or where a specialist is preferred. Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) differs from this as it is essentially a branch of BPO. Recruitment, especially in high-volumes, is a fundamental process for any organisation and is one that is commonly outsourced to experts in order to save costs and hire better.


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