We're proven experts in creating powerful, tailored and flexible recruitment and development solutions​

Delivered by a team of experts, our broad range of solutions offer the support organisations require at any stage of the recruitment process.

From helping to build your attraction strategy to providing burst capacity when additional resource is required in your team, you can reply on Amberjack to deliver your solution to the highest standard.

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The 4 Core Areas of the Services We Provide to You

Candidate Attraction

By conducting an audit of your current attraction activity, and aligning with our substantial industry knowledge and experience, we can build a comprehensive and bespoke attraction strategy.

This includes student engagement, media and event planning, content development, creative and social media management. We connect your brand, values and recruitment strategy, to effectively position your organisation and help you discover the talent you are looking for.

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What we offer

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Candidate Assessment

This critical part of your process is fundamental to ensuring you identify the right individuals for your business.

Discovering talent with Future Potential will give you 2.5 times the return of a poor recruit. At Amberjack, we can design and deliver end-to-end assessment processes or work closely with your organisation’s in-house recruitment team. 

Our team of Business and Occupational psychologists will support you through every element from assessment framework and design to selecting the right technologies, quality assurance and adverse impact analysis.

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Candidate Management

Keeping candidates informed and motivated throughout the process is a top priority for all of our clients.

We understand the importance of keeping candidates engaged through each stage of your recruitment process, especially within the competitive early talent market. We advise and help our clients on how to best manage candidates through the process and add value at each stage. 

Our approach includes personalised communications, coaching calls, technical support and detailed feedback for every candidate to ensure they have a rewarding experience whether they are successful or not. Our offer management and onboarding tools can transform the experience of welcoming new hires into your organisation.

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What we offer

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Development Programmes

We can partner with you to create an Early Careers Development Program that leverages our customised blended learning offering, and empowers your new hires to grow and learn.

We understand the importance of up-skilling your Early Careers cohorts whether that be workshops on campus, pre-hire sessions or through the more traditional channels of induction and on programme development. We can provide support from the start to the very end of their development journey.

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