Why Amberjack

We are Early Talent and Volume Hiring Experts

At Amberjack, our vision is to combine potential with opportunity. We are committed to a future where every employer can reach and engage talent, where every candidate, regardless of background, is empowered to find their ideal career path and be supported to succeed on that path.

Through our pioneering solutions, we strive to lead the industry towards a more inclusive, efficient, and transformative era of recruitment and development, ensuring both businesses and individuals thrive in harmony.

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Amberjack’s Model for Identifying Potential

Using over 5 years of application data, insights from our clients, and the thoughts of professionals in the changing world of work, we identified 4 key areas which define a candidate with the potential to succeed and grow.

This research has been combined with the expertise of Diversity, Neurodiversity and Inclusivity specialists to create Amberjack’s framework for the Identification of Potential. This framework is the foundation for our work and enables us to turn the concept of Potential into something which is identifiable and measurable.

There are 4 key pillars to the Future Potential Model


What we measure

Technological Embracement Digital Creativity


What we measure

Agent of Change
Future Focused
Original Vision


What we measure

Learning Agility
Cognitive Ability
Social Awareness


What we measure

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We are the UK's leading full services Early Careers Provider

When it comes to Early Careers and Volume Hiring our full-service offering is unrivalled in the sector. We have delivered over 500+ volume hiring campaigns and managing more than 400,000 applications a year for some of the UK’s leading employers. From our targeted attraction campaigns to help you identify and engage with the right talent to our award-winning assessment solutions to help you select those with the most potential our recruitment solutions can support at every stage of the process.

And our services don’t stop there! From the point of offer, through on-boarding, induction and on-programme development we can help to connect your strategy from start to finish.

We blend expertise and innovation

We work in an ever-changing market and are required to constantly challenge and evolve our technology and services. Our commitment and research in innovation means we are agile in our approach and every year we deliver award-winning solutions for some of the largest UK employers. 

We have experts to support you at every stage of the process including a dedicated attraction specialists, in-house occupational psychologists and a learning and development team.

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We deliver for our clients

With our diversity first approach and candidate experience mindset we support our clients to build consumer-grade experiences. We have rigorous tracking and measurement at every stage and continually help our clients to reduce time to hire, cost per hire and achieve industry leading NPS scores of +80.

Recent Award Wins

ABP Awards 2023 - Best Customised Assessment with Virgin Atlantic
FIRM Awards 2023 - Best Candidate Experience with Virgin Atlantic
Recruiter Awards 2023 - Best Emerging Talent Strategy with Atkins
ISE Awards - Best Emerging Talent Strategy with Morrisons


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