Candidate Assessment Solutions

This critical part of your hiring process is fundamental to ensuring you identify the right individuals for your business.

Put simply, candidate assessments are tools or processes that evaluate whether a candidate is suitable for a job role. Candidate assessment solutions help organisations find top talent by designing and managing assessments throughout the hiring process, including recruitment assessment design, manager training, and hosting assessment centres.

At Amberjack, as part of our candidate assessment solutions, we can design and deliver end-to-end assessment and selection processes or work closely to align and support your organisation’s in-house recruitment team.

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Amberjack's Candidate Assessment Services

candidate assessment solutions, amberjack, Person on a laptop with a whiteboard

The Purpose of Candidate Assessment

Having an assessment process in hiring that is designed by experts and that is appropriate for the job is extremely important.  Not only does a bad hire cost nearly 4 times as much as a successful hiring, but the impact on the candidate experience and the knock-on an employer’s brand can be hugely detrimental.

The assessment process is also an opportunity for organisations to showcase their brand, educate individuals about the role and help them gain an edge over competitors. Designing an assessment journey that is inclusive, free from bias and representative of your workforce is also fundamental for ensuring that it is a level playing field for candidates from any background to succeed

Assessing Candidates For Potential

At Amberjack, we work with some of the UK’s leading Early Career recruiters to design processes that are unique, engaging and can identify future potential. This allows us to focus on attracting candidates that are perfect for our clients. This model underpins our candidate assessment solutions and supports organisations to build a workforce for the future.


What we measure

Technological Embracement Digital Creativity


What we measure

Agent of Change
Future Focused
Original Vision


What we measure

Learning Agility
Cognitive Ability
Social Awareness


What we measure


Amberjack Future Potential Blended Assessment

We offer a wide range of candidate assessment services, however our Future Potential Blended Assessment combines situational judgement, cognitive ability and behaviours to provide one overall score mapped to our model of potential identification. This is followed by an integrated video interview, making it one of our most effective assessments for hiring.

Cognitive Ability

Situational Judgement


One overall score mapped to our model of potential identification

Video interview items - Can be assessed for successful candidates only

The benefits of effective
Candidate Assessment

Improved Efficiency And Lower Cost Per Hire​

Organisations can significantly reduce the time to hire by gathering all the recruiting assessment test data in one stage. 

A greater variety of data points means you can use cut-scores more flexibly to allow you to reduce your candidate pool more efficiently, whilst adhering to best practices. 

As the Amberjack blended assessment was designed to be blended from first principles, it collects the data in the minimum candidate completion time required whilst ensuring a robust assessment. 

It also means one blended cost rather than multiple stitched costs.

Your candidates can provide all the assessment data needed in one go meaning less lag between application and offer, fewer touch points for attrition, and no requirement for a candidate to “jump in and out” of your process.

Our blended assessments have also been designed to engage through item variety.

Our blended assessment is ready to go, but if you to be bespoke, you can easily incorporate information and video content about your brand to support engagement.

A truly blended assessment also means one, all-encompassing feedback report.

High-cut scores on a single criterion are often the biggest cause of adverse impact in a recruitment assessment process.

The fact our blended assessment score is generated from multiple criteria will improve the predictive power of your assessment without having a negative impact on the diversity of your pipeline.

As you get a more rounded assessment of the individual, you will benefit from the “incremental validity” of assessing potential using different types of activities and not over-reply on one form of candidate. 

By using these assessments for candidate management, you can expect better-quality candidates at the later stages of the assessment process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have any questions about candidate assessment? Here are answers to some of the most common queries.

What is the goal of Candidate Assessment?

The goal of candidate assessment is to thoroughly evaluate candidates’ skills, competencies, and suitability for specific roles, ensuring that clients make informed hiring decisions based on comprehensive insights into each candidate’s capabilities.

While recruitment focuses on sourcing and selecting candidates for job openings, candidate assessment delves deeper into evaluating candidates’ abilities through various tools and methodologies, providing a more detailed and objective analysis of their fit for the role and the organisation.

Unlike traditional recruitment practices that focus on sourcing candidates reactively when a position becomes available, candidate assessment takes a proactive approach by identifying and assessing potential candidates in advance, thus building a talent pipeline for future hiring needs.

The candidate assessment process begins with a comprehensive understanding of the organisation’s requirements for success, both within the broader context and the specific demands of the role in question. This involves defining the key competencies, skills, and attributes that are critical for success in the role.

Once the criteria is established, candidate assessment strategies are implemented to attract and evaluate candidates who align with the desired profile. These strategies may include psychometric assessments, competency-based interviews, situational judgement tests, and skills assessments, among others. Each assessment method is carefully selected and customised to provide a  evaluation of candidates’ abilities and fit for the role.

To optimise the candidate assessment process, organisations can ensure clear job role definitions, align assessment criteria with job requirements, utilise validated assessment tools, and continuously evaluate and refine assessment methodologies based on feedback and outcomes.

Overlooking job relevance by not aligning assessments with specific role requirements. Relying solely on one assessment method, limiting the perspective on candidates’ abilities.

Ignoring diversity and inclusion considerations, leading to bias in assessments. Lack of standardisation in administration procedures, compromising reliability.

Failure to provide timely feedback to candidates after assessments. Ignoring advancements in assessment technology, hindering effectiveness.

Neglecting the candidate experience during assessments, which can impact talent attraction and retention.

Assessments contribute to cost savings by reducing recruitment time and turnover rates, while also enhancing the quality of hires, ultimately boosting organisational performance.

Amberjack provides personalised support, from assessment design to implementation, ensuring seamless integration into existing recruitment processes and continuous improvement.

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