Case Study

The Transformation of BDO’s Recruitment Process with Amberjack’s Future Potential Assessment


BDO works across all economic sectors to provide tax, audit and assurance, and business outsourcing services. ‘Helping you Succeed’ is BDO’s core purpose, and with an ever changing world of work, they wanted to continue to assist their clients by adapting and evolving themselves.

BDO’s assessment process was initially implemented 4 years ago, to ensure they kept up with market expectations. This provided further efficiencies, reducing the time required to complete and score assessments whilst benefiting both their candidates and the firm with an increased emphasis on quality and experience.

But, BDO wanted to go further. They wanted to create a process that was genuinely different and stood out not only in their sector but across the Future Talent industry. They chose to use Amberjack’s award-winning and innovative technology to create a fully virtual process, which was truly representative of their business.

BDO Objectives

Reduce resource




Reduce time

to hire

Improve candidate


The Solution

By utilising our in-house expertise and many years of development, Amberjack helped BDO deploy the High Potential Assessment. The assessment is built on Amberjack’s universal model for potential, allowing employers to measure Digital Mindset, Applied Intellect, Creative Force and Grit.

Additionally, implementation of technology also played a vital role in the solution Amberjack delivered, allowing BDO to transform their processes both internally and for candidates. The new automated assessment with integrated video interview platform, coupled with the digital assessment centre created a fully virtually process which has driven huge efficiencies without impacting on candidate experience or quality. 

The new developments brought about changes to BDO’s hiring process, which now consists of:

Application Form

A short application form, and progression of candidates onto an online, blended assessment and video interview. This allows for the identification of future potential by measuring the four most important indicators which are critical for their business: Grit, Digital Intelligence, Applied Intellect and Creative Force.

The blended High Potential Assessment was designed in partnership with diversity and neurodiversity specialists, and the assessment offers multiformat deployment and responses which are time recorded rather than time limited. The tool is deployed with support and advice to ensure that there is no adverse impact against any minority groups.

Future Potential Assessment

The assessment is comprised of a short introduction video, a mix of applied intellect and behavioural questions, self-reflection videos, a closing video, and an automated candidate feedback report. It delivers a highly interactive experience that is face valid and realistic of their future work environment. It takes just 30 minutes for candidates to complete. 

Virtual Assessment Centre

The third and final stage of the process is the Virtual Assessment Centre. BDO transformed their traditional, paper-based assessment centre into an engaging virtual experience. The system is simple and intuitive to use, and does not require any prior training for either candidates or assessors. The automated scheduling and scoring functionality has meant the transition from face-to-face to virtual AC’s not only improved the candidate experience but saved hours of planning and resource time. 


From 4 months to

3 weeks

45% increase on

previous year

Average time to hire

approx 4 months

Reduced from 2.5hrs

to 45 minutes

What the client had to say...

“Technology and intelligent automation have played a vital role in the solution we have delivered and allowed us to transform our process both internally and for our candidates. We have been delighted with the results.”
Recruitment Manager, Financial Services Firm
Senior Resourcing Manager, BDO

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