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Setting Your New Hires Up For Success

Our suite of development products and programmes, help you to identify the needs of your new hires and customise their journey to meet both individual and organisational needs. As part of our full service offering, we can design and deliver solutions that support your activity on campus, pre-joining engagement, induction programmes and throughout your graduate training programmes. We follow a simple 3 step approach: Discover, Design and Deliver

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Development Report

The Development Report is a tool to help deliver a seamless transition from offer through to development as you on-board, induct and help graduates to start their development journey. 

Underpinned by our Potential model, the report provides developmental advice dynamic to the Future Potential Profile of the individual and has guides on how to maximise strengths, how to manage “overplayed strengths” and development activities that will help address challenge areas. 

Built in self-reflection activities encourage participants to think about maximising their potential in three key areas:

Mastery Potential 

Mastering the role they are currently in.​

Growth Potential​

Growing and progressing into more senior roles.​

Turn Potential

Growing into different areas outside of their current working environment.​

Future Potential Model Profile

As well as being a powerful tool for individual development, group overviews are provided so organisations can audit and assess the collective talents, motives and development needs of large cohorts of participants.

Designed to be delivered directly to the participant to complete some self-directed learning feeding into their ongoing personal development or to be supported by a coaching conversation with an expert coach to maximise the impact and value

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Our Development Approach

The discovery stage of our process is critical to meeting and exceeding requirements. We spend time gaining a deep understanding of your business including your mission, business strategy and plans for future growth. We immerse oursleves in your culture, spend time with key stakeholders and incumbent graduates to provide a solution that works effectively for your organisation and inspires your new talent.




Our Development Methodology

We work closely with each client to understand how we can enhance and differentiate your current offering. In some instances this means a full programme re-design or it may just be adding a few modules to complete the programme experience.
We then spend time aligning our products and programmes to create a first-class graduate programme. Our methodology is based on a three-phase building block approach.
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Getting Established​

Empowering individuals to build the skills required to make a positive transition into working life. Developing confidence for success, improving self-awareness, capability and knowledge of your organisation.

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Building Competencies​

Building on the skills required to operate as an effective employee.
Developing the capability to deal with managers, roles and the working environment
Learning to operate as an effective team member.

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Emerging Leaders​

Accelerate the potential in your new hires to evolve them into effective future leaders.​ Explore the concept of leadership in a real environment with mentors and leaders. Elevate success by participating in a real business or social enterprise project.

How we Deliver

The third step is to DELIVER your Graduate Development workshops. Our experienced team of facilitators leverage our state of the art face-to-face, virtual and micro/e-learning offering (all mapped to our online learning and support platform, Development Passport) to enable your graduates to get established, build the required competencies and empower your emerging leaders.

Why work with us?

Through strong relationships and a consistent experience, we empower our client partners to achieve programme success enabling them the opportunity to customise their development program.

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We work closely with our client partners to understand their needs and requirements. We then customise workshops that are designed for the ultimate impact.

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It is important to us, that we have the same team work on the entirety of the participants journey enabling us to create a supportive environment and consistent experience.

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Relationship Support

We want to be an extension of our client partners team and be people first, programme second. If we can fully immerse ourselves in the relationship, it leads to long term success.

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