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At Amberjack, we function as an extension of your hiring team. Our expertise lies in crafting, constructing, and delivering exceptional graduate recruitment strategies that draw, evaluate, and oversee prospective candidates effectively and efficiently.

Amberjack’s Graduate Recruitment Outsourcing Services

Over 20 years of experience and delivery of 500+ graduate recruitment outsourcing campaigns have enabled us to build extensive knowledge about the Graduate Recruitment sector and how best to support our clients. The essential services we provide are:

Candidate Attraction

Ensuring you engage with the most relevant candidates in such a highly competitive setting is an ongoing challenge for many clients.

Our experienced team can provide industry-specific insight and advice on effectively connecting with your target audience.

Whether you are looking for support to build a new website, help managing events or advice on engaging with universities, our team can help!

Candidate Assessments

Our team of in-house Business and Occupational psychologists are on-hand to help you understand and get the most from your assessment process.

From carrying out adverse impact and predictive validity studies to designing a bespoke online assessment, assessment centres or interviews, we can ensure that the journey from attraction to selection is consistent and seamless.

Our range of assessment technology, including our award-winning Digital Assessment Centre, can also make your process more efficient and effective.

Candidate Management

Most of our clients operate in a highly competitive market, so ensuring that candidates have the best recruitment experience is critical.

As a graduate recruitment outsourcing company, we can work as an extension to your team, providing flexible support at every or selected stage of your process, often alleviating pressure on internal teams.

Our wide range of support services includes:

  • Responding to candidate queries.
  • Tailoring and sending customised communications to cultivate engagement.
  • Delivering pre-assessment technical or coaching calls.

The Benefits Of Hiring Graduates

Diverse Individuals

Recent graduates and other young talents are valuable assets to the modern, forward-thinking workforce. In today’s world, diversity and comprehensive approaches are crucial, and these individuals bring diverse and intergenerational perspectives, fostering dynamic work environments.

Easy To Train

One of the significant advantages of recruiting graduates is their easiness of coaching and willingness to learn. They possess a flexible mindset and are receptive to new experiences, which can immensely benefit any organisation.

Tech Proficiency

Hiring from Generation Z, renowned for their tech proficiency, is gaining popularity as it enables organisations to leverage their innate skills and reduce training time compared to older employees.


New graduates are recognised for their enthusiasm, as they are new to their careers and eager to explore uncharted territories. This makes them an asset to businesses seeking an engaged and responsive workforce.

Why Outsource Graduate Recruitment?

Businesses across various industries commonly seek graduate recruitment outsourcing to leverage the benefits of hiring talented graduates. Here are some reasons to outsource your graduate recruitment process:

Take Away The Stress

The recruitment process can be overwhelming for companies without an established HR department.

Posting job ads, reviewing applications, and communicating with potential candidates can be daunting and time-consuming.

Outsourcing graduate recruitment can alleviate the burden of hiring graduates by handling administrative tasks on your behalf.

This lets you focus on managing your business and delegate sourcing skilled candidates to experts.

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Distinguish Your Business

Nowadays, early-career professionals are aware that employers are actively seeking potential talent.

Therefore, they carefully consider their options when choosing a job. They seek out companies that offer something unique, which sets them apart from their peers.

By recruiting graduates through outsourcing, businesses can establish efficient and professional procedures that help them stand out from other employers. 

This positive impact can encourage candidates to be more enthusiastic about working for the organisation and distinguish the business as a preferred employer.

Proven Recruitment Processes That Work

With the help of graduate recruitment outsourcing specialists, businesses can gain access to comprehensive knowledge about the recruitment process and the most effective channels for sourcing graduates. 

This can prevent mistakes such as posting job openings in inappropriate locations or using inadequate assessment tools.

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Wider Access To Suitable Candidates

Amberjack’s graduate recruitment outsourcing offer a broad spectrum of early career talent, with individuals from diverse backgrounds promoting neurodiversity.

This enables employers to identify potential candidates that may have been inaccessible otherwise.

Reduce Costs

Through the delegation of graduate hiring processes, businesses can enjoy a financially efficient alternative in contrast to conventional recruitment approaches.

Outsourcing providers typically have access to a broader range of resources, enabling them to locate potential candidates more efficiently.

Additionally, a successful hire through outsourced services can help businesses save both time and money in the long run.

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What Our Clients Have To Say

"Technology and intelligent automation have played a vital role in the solution we have delivered and allowed us to transform our process both internally and for our candidates. We have been delighted with the results."
Emerging Talent Manager,
‘Amberjack’s integrated technologies allow us to achieve many of our objectives all whilst maintaining an exceptional candidate experience’
Recruitment Manager, Weightmans
“Amberjack has done us proud throughout our partnership. Early Careers is a massive part of Morrisons – it is who we are, nurturing young talent as our sustainability in this company.”
Senior People Manager,
'In partnership with Amberjack we have transformed our recruitment experience and achieved outstanding results.'
Recruitment Manager,
Virgin Atlantic
“One area I’m particularly proud of is the unwavering commitment to ED&I by the team including direct targeting of minority group recruitment events, which enabled us to achieve a gender split of 60% female and 30% from various ethnic backgrounds with the candidates we made final offers to. Our entire campaign aimed to attract and retain candidates from a wealth of backgrounds and our approach included tested, best practice assessment criteria, aiming to get the best from all candidates regardless of their background.”
Head of Early Careers, Atkins

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