7 Benefits Of Outsourcing Recruitment

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In today’s business world, outsourcing recruitment is gaining popularity as a way to streamline hiring processes. The global RPO market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 18.5% from 2020 to 2027 to reach USD 20.77 billion by 2027

We explore the benefits of outsourcing recruitment processes, including cost savings, better hires, reduced administrative work, access to a broader talent pool, scalability, and improved overall effectiveness. 

Whether you’re in HR or a business leader, Amberjack offers insights to help you decide if outsourcing recruitment processes align with your organisation’s needs.

1. Cost Savings: 

Investing in recruitment outsourcing services can save on costs by reducing overhead expenses related to maintaining your in-house HR department and services.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) companies, just like Amberjack, specialise in quickly finding qualified candidates, saving time and money in your hiring process. 

They have access to advanced tools and expertise that can lead to better hiring decisions, reducing turnover and training costs.

Recruitment outsourcing experts handle multiple clients simultaneously, spreading costs and making their services cost-effective, and by hiring the best candidates, they cut down on onboarding and training costs. 

59% of businesses list cost as the biggest reason for outsourcing, but overall, the cost-saving benefits depend on the organisation’s size, hiring frequency, and the quantity of candidates needed. Amberjack are experts in volume hiring, from 2-10 candidates or 1000, we know how to manage their experience while assessing for the best candidates for your organisation.

2. Expertise: 

When outsourcing recruitment to an RPO company, their expertise is a valuable asset. RPO firms specialise in understanding the unique needs of different industries, which helps them identify suitable candidates more effectively. At Amberjack, we are specialists in identifying, hiring, and developing candidates to contribute to your organisation’s potential.

We also have advanced technology and networks, making finding and assessing potential hires easier. This expertise saves time and leads to better hiring decisions.

Additionally, with the extensive industry connections we have, we can engage with passive candidates who might not be actively job hunting but possess valuable skills. With our Attraction services as part of your outsourced process, we can help reach the candidates you want to see.

Overall, the expertise of organisations like Amberjack enhances the recruitment process, making it more efficient and cost-effective while increasing the likelihood of finding the right talent.

3. Time Savings: 

According to the Q3 2022 Jobvite Employ Quarterly Insights Report, 85% of talent acquisition experts report that the average time it takes to make a hire is four weeks or less. Additionally, survey findings from background screening and identity services firm Sterling showed that 71% of jobseekers dropped out mid-process, with one of the top reasons being that the process was taking too long. 

Outsourcing recruitment helps companies save time in the hiring process. Recruitment outsourcing providers have a vast network of potential candidates, and they know how to reach them, quickly finding suitable matches.

We handle time-consuming tasks like candidate screening, video interviews, and background checks, freeing up your internal HR and Recruitment teams, leading to faster hiring decisions and a more streamlined process.

Outsourcing recruitment means tapping into the company’s know-how and resources, making hiring more efficient and effective. This allows your organisation to fill job openings quickly and focus on your core business activities.

4. Scalability: 

Scalability is paramount when selecting an RPO company for recruitment needs. It allows businesses to effectively respond to fluctuations in hiring demands, whether due to seasonal shifts, growth phases, or unforeseen opportunities or challenges. This is especially true of Early Careers, one of Amberjack’s specialities.

RPO companies use different applicant tracking systems, so choosing scalable ones is vital for ensuring your hiring process is future-proof.

A scalable RPO partner like Amberjack can swiftly adjust services, to ensure you have the right talent when needed without overspending during slower periods, once again optimising cost efficiency. 

This agility also helps with consistent hiring quality and freeing up internal HR attention for syncing HR strategies with business initiatives. 

This scalability also ensures that your recruitment efforts align with your organisation’s growth trajectory, seamlessly accommodating expansion when necessary.

In essence, scalability empowers companies to stay agile, control costs, uphold hiring standards, allocate resources efficiently, and support long-term growth when outsourcing recruitment to an RPO company. It allows organisations to adapt their talent acquisition strategies to the dynamic nature of their business, ultimately enhancing their competitiveness in the market.

5. Access to a Larger Talent Pool: 

Utilising an RPO company facilitates access to a broader talent pool in various ways. RPO firms possess extensive industry networks, enabling them to engage with active and passive candidates. Their market research and knowledge of industry trends help them target top talent effectively, helping you to hire better and unleash your organisation’s potential.

RPO companies leverage advanced digital tools and platforms for efficient candidate attraction and screening, and they often have a global reach, allowing access to talent from different regions, different socioeconomic groups, and different backgrounds, a crucial element of many organisation’s hiring goals, as revealed by the results of our Diversity and Inclusion Insights Report for 2023!

Furthermore, RPO firms excel at building and maintaining talent pipelines, ensuring that a pool of qualified candidates is readily available, decreasing dropouts and reneges.

In essence, partnering with an RPO company broadens your talent pool significantly, increasing the chances of finding suitable candidates to fill your organisation’s specific needs and contributing to more effective talent acquisition strategies.

6. Reduced Administrative Burden: 

Outsourcing recruitment to an RPO company can significantly lighten the administrative load on your organisation. 

RPO firms handle numerous administrative tasks, including job postings, candidate screening, interview scheduling, background checks, and candidate management

They also ensure legal and regulatory requirements compliance, freeing your internal HR team from these time-consuming and detail-oriented responsibilities.

By entrusting administrative recruitment tasks to an RPO partner, your HR department can redirect its efforts toward more strategic initiatives, such as talent development and employee engagement. 

This streamlines the hiring process and allows your HR professionals to focus on activities that add excellent value to your organisation. Outsourcing recruitment to an RPO company reduces administrative burdens and enhances HR efficiency and effectiveness.

7. Quality Hires: 

Outsourcing recruitment can elevate the quality of hires within an organisation through several vital mechanisms.

Recruitment outsourcing firms tap into an extensive pool of candidates, reaching both active and passive candidates who possess exceptional skills and experiences, often beyond the reach of traditional hiring methods.

Furthermore, outsourcing recruitment reduces turnover rates by selecting candidates better aligned with the organisation’s values and job requirements. 

The outsourcing process streamlines interviews, with experts often conducting initial screenings, allowing organisations to dedicate more time to evaluating top-tier candidates

As a result, collaboration with specialised companies improves the quality of hires. It contributes to building a workforce that is better poised to make meaningful contributions to the organisation’s long-term success, building a workforce for the future, not just today.

Take Advantage Of Recruitment Outsourcing Services

Outsourcing recruitment offers a range of advantages, and its suitability depends on an organisation’s specific needs and circumstances. 

A specialised RPO partner allows organisations to focus on their core business activities while benefiting from the expertise, efficiency, and resources of recruitment outsourcing companies.

It streamlines the hiring process and contributes to the overall effectiveness of talent acquisition, leading to better hires who align with the organisation’s goals and values. 

Organisations should carefully consider their unique requirements and choose an outsourcing approach that aligns with their long-term objectives and budget constraints.

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