How Telco Leads Apprentice and Graduate Recruitment 

The Telecommunications industry in the UK plays a vital part in our day-to-day life, enabling business and personal communication across various platforms and connecting tens of millions of people daily.  

The importance of telecommunications to everyday life is paramount and with the expansion of 5G networks and cloud services, this sector will continue to play a leading role in the success of the UK and its citizens. 

Yet, the industry faces a talent shortage that poses a serious threat to the nation’s ability to expand its wireless broadband coverage in rural areas and build out its 5G capabilities, among other developments. 

Benefits of Building an Early Careers Recruitment Strategy 

In this rapidly advancing world, it can be difficult to plan a business strategy with confidence. Especially when skills gaps are widespread; technical skills are in demand, and in short supply.  

This is why, even in these uncertain times, the Telco sector is investing so heavily in recruiting graduates, apprentices to enable them to ‘grow their own’ and ensure they have the best talent to support them both now and into the future. 

Building a robust Early Careers Recruitment strategy brings a unique set of advantages: 

Succession Planning – establishing a plan for recruiting graduates and apprentices can help future-proof your organisation. Having a viable career path for entry-level talent to progress and develop into future management and leadership roles is a great way to introduce new potential long-term employees; investing time in your employees right from the get-go at a graduate and apprentice level will help improve retention rates and growth; it’s an internal recruitment plan for the future. 

Company Growth – hiring graduates is a method for kickstarting growth. The new opinions, perspectives, and long-term goals that a graduate brings with them can help to revitalise an organisation and shine a light on new ways of working. 

Value Matching – graduate and apprenticeship schemes are great ways to ensure that the talent you hire develop skills and values matching the company needs. This allows you to fill skills gaps from within. 

Increase Diversity – utilising apprenticeship schemes can help you improve diversity among your workforce. A key benefit of apprenticeships is that they provide access to careers that may not be available to individuals with limited work experience or education. This can be particularly beneficial for individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds, who may not have the same opportunities as others to gain experience through internships or entry-level jobs. Apprenticeships help break down some of the barriers that can prevent diverse candidates from entering certain fields. They provide an alternative path to qualifications, which can be particularly valuable for individuals who may not have the financial means to attend university or who may not have performed well in a traditional academic setting. 

It’s obvious that increasing Graduate, Apprentice, and Placement talent within your workforce can help create a future-ready business full of individuals with the potential to succeed and grow. This route is crucial to consider in order to drive innovation, promote diversity, and ensure the industry remains competitive in an increasingly globalised world. 

However, one of the biggest barriers to this is competition from other organisations outside of the sector. Other industries are fishing in the same talent pool; the biggest threats come from outside rather than inside the industry. Therefore, it is even more important to have a clear proposition, intelligent attraction strategy, and an engaging and innovative assessment and selection process that not only educates your potential hires but also excites them about your opportunities. 

How Amberjack Can Help 

We work with a number of leading Telco organisations to attract, assess and manage new candidate pools that future-proof their organisations by filling the skills gaps and making their businesses more inclusive and reflective of today’s society. 

To access our supporting telco resource hub, get more information on our upcoming industry-specific events or want to talk to someone to understand how we are supporting the wider sector to overcome its challenges then please get in touch here.  

In the meantime, you can also access some of our Insight Papers and webinar recordings to start taking steps towards a future with fresh talent. 


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