Candidates Look at Your Gender Diversity – International Women’s Day Spotlight with Tanveen

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For International Women’s Day 2024, Amberjack decided to sit down with women from the latest generation to enter your workforce: Generation Z. These Gen Z women explore our latest research, ‘What Gen Z Women Want’, and share some of their own feelings and experiences too!

For our second International Women’s Day Spotlight, we sat with Tanveen from Amberjack!

“Hi, I am Tanveen. I am 22 years old. I am currently doing a placement year with Amberjack. I am a Law student at the University of Leeds. I would probably describe myself as talkative and bubbly. I love travelling and adventure so much that I went skydiving! Coffee and dairy milk chocolate are non-negotiables for me.”

In our latest research into Generation Z in the workforce, we explored the thoughts and opinions of young women for International Women’s Day. We asked our respondents to rank how nervous they were entering the workforce as a women from 1-10, on average our respondents ranked their level of nervousness at 5.8, but 41% ranked their nervousness at 7 or higher, what do you think about the workforce can seem particularly daunting to young women? 

“Young women can find workplaces daunting for various reasons like navigating male-dominated environments, unequal pay and limited opportunities for growth. They can also face challenges like imposter syndrome where they doubt their abilities despite their achievements. They may struggle to balance their career aspirations with personal life due to the expectations or pressures from the society.”

On the same scale of 1-10, we asked our survey cohort how strongly they felt their gender identity influenced how other colleagues and senior staff acted around them. The average score was a disappointing 6.3. Do you think there is anything that can be done by employers to change this reality for the young women joining their companies? 

“Employers can make a very significant impact by promoting diversity and inclusion. This can be done by offering equal opportunities for career advancement, and implementing fair pay practices.”

“They should try creating a supportive and open work culture which values work-life balance. They can also provide mentorship programmes for women to help promote women empowerment.”

“Employers can also organise socials like networking mixers, women’s leadership panels, mentorship circles and skill building workshops to foster connections and support young women in the company. By organising these social events it will help create a sense of community and provide opportunities for collaboration and growth.”

59% of Gen Z women in our survey have been, or would be, put off applying for a company because of the lack of gender diversity in their workforce? Is this the same for you?

“Yes, before applying anywhere I first like to do my research to see how inclusive and diverse the company is. This is a very significant factor in my decision-making process.”

“This is because if there is lack of diversity in the workforce it implies that there is a lack of representation which raises the question of whether I will be valued and supported in the environment.”

“This raises many concerns like whether we will face bias or discrimination and will not have equal opportunities for growth and advancement. It prevents us from fully expressing ourselves meaning we may not bring our authentic selves to work in a homogeneous environment. Hence, the companies prioritising diversity and inclusion not only attracts a wider pool of talent but also helps create a more welcoming and innovative workplace for everyone.”

Law was one of our lowest ranking sectors for their reputation regarding being accepting of women in the workforce. As a Law student looking to pursue a career in the legal profession, how do you feel as a woman looking to enter the industry? Is there anything law firms and other legal organisations can do to help combat this reputation? 

“As a young woman I am very excited yet cautious to enter the legal industry. I am very excited as this is something I am very passionate about and it will give me an opportunity to make a difference. However, as a woman I do have concerns about the sector’s gender inequality. I do believe it is very important for the legal industry to address these issues and to create a welcoming and supportive environment for the young women so they can thrive and feel comfortable with contributing their unique perspectives.”

“For the legal industry to attract more Gen Z women, the Law firms should actively recruit and promote more women into leadership positions, provide training on unconscious bias, offer flexible work arrangements to help young women support work-life balance.”

“They should also support networks for women within the organisation as well as provide equal opportunities for growth and advancement. By taking these steps, the legal industry can help create a platform which will enable young women to voice their concerns and encourage more Gen Z women to pursue careers in Law.”

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