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It’s a profound moment of both reflection and anticipation as I pen down my exhilaration at joining Amberjack in their growth team. After immersing in the world of hiring for over 20 years, I find myself amidst a powerhouse of intelligence, thought leadership, and, most importantly, actionable insights that make a tangible impact.  

One of the defining beacons that drew me towards Amberjack is the breadth and depth of solutions and services, as well as the insights the team derives from the extensive work across our esteemed client base. I’ve loved learning the stories behind the numbers, about the patterns that emerge, and how we craft bespoke solutions that are informed, inspired, and effective.  

Earlier this year, we embarked on an expansive survey encompassing 109 Early Talent Employers and delved deep into data from over 300,000 candidates. This meticulous analysis culminated in three comprehensive reports, each a goldmine of insights into Attraction, Assessment, and D&I – the critical arenas that dictate the dynamics of recruitment today. 

In our Attraction Report, we unveiled that 32% of employers are already harnessing the power of AI or envisage its pivotal role in future Attraction campaigns. The revelation that candidates graduating from a Russell Group university are 2.52x more likely to clinch an offer begs questions about bias and social mobility. 

The Assessment Report delves into the nuances, highlighting that 52% of employers are grappling with ensuring a healthy pipeline of diverse candidates. 15% of employers are still relying on CVs, while the evidence against their predictive validity mounts up. 25% of employers are only bespoking the latter stages of their process, risking not progressing the right candidates, nor inspiring them. 

Our exploration into Diversity & Inclusion, encapsulated in the D&I Report, illuminates the ascendancy of Social Mobility over Gender Diversity as a key focus. The intersectional analysis accentuates the compounded effects of demographics like Ethnicity, Race, and Gender on the application’s outcome. 

Joining Amberjack is more than a career move. It’s an entry into a space where insights are meticulously curated and adeptly applied to foster strategic growth and enhanced recruitment strategies. Every piece of data, every insight, is a testament to our unwavering commitment to lead the industry with informed, strategic actions. 

I am enthusiastic to extend an invitation to immerse yourself in these enlightening insights. Click, explore, and uncover data-driven narratives that could shape your recruitment strategies, steering them towards enhanced efficacy and success. 

Welcome to the future of recruitment – insightful, informed, and infinitely inspired. Join me in this exploration, and together, let’s craft narratives of potential, inclusivity, and unprecedented hiring success. 

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