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Use these resources to research, inform, and help in the next steps to becoming a neurodiverse friendly recruiter.

Watch the ‘Assessing Neurodiverse Candidates’ Webinar and download the presentation below.

The presentation includes contact details for our expert panelists:

Theo Smith, Neurodiversity at Work Founder
James Fellowes, Bridge of Hope Founder
Chance Bleu-Montgomery, Partner Support Manager at Prosper 4 Group, and Bridge of Hope

Screenshots of slides from our presentation for the 'Assessing Neurodiverse Candidates' expert panel discussion. The slides introduce our guests; Theo Smith, Chance Bleu-Montgomery, James Fellowes, Diane Crawford, and Jenny Fitzgerald.
A sneak peak of our Neurodiversity Q&A Transcript with opinions from Graduates and Industry Experts.

Read the transcript from our Neurodiversity Q&A!

The panel included two recent neurodiverse graduates with first hand experience of navigating recruitment processes with some of the leading UK employers, and neurodiversity experts.

Together with Amberjack, our panel discussed your questions about assessing and attracting neurodiverse candidates.

It can be difficult to know where to start, but there are plenty of resources available from a variety of organisations to help employers become more neurodiverse friendly.

Below you can find links to just a few of these guides from Neurodiversity at Work, the NeurodiveristyHub, Mencap, and the National Autistic Society.

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At all qualification levels, graduates with autism are the least likely of all disability graduates to be employed on a permanent contract and are most likely to be employed on a fixed term, temporary or voluntary basis.

Discover more on the outcomes of neurodiverse and disabled graduates, and solutions for the challenges faced, by downloading the reports from The Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Services, the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, and Prospects.

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