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As the new Early Careers recruitment season gets into full swing, we’re really excited about talking to organisations about how our flexible Learning and Development programme can potentially support with Keep Warm and On-Boarding activity and Internship training in addition to the more formal induction programmes. 

In a rapidly changing post-covid working world, it has become increasingly clear that Learning and Development for incoming Early Talent cohorts requires attention. To talk to Amberjack about our proposition and how we can tailor for your organisation’s needs and requirements, you can contact us today. Our team are more than happy to explore how Learning and Development can work for your workforce.

Graduate employers are reporting that incoming Early Talent employees struggle with soft skills. In particular, recent news has highlighted issues with debating, presenting, and teamwork.

However, it’s not just employers bringing these struggles into the limelight; Gen Z themselves worry about having enough experience and relevant skills when joining a new organisation, particularly in terms of interacting, communicating, and networking.

Our recent survey of Gen Z talent, born between 1996 and 2007, reveals their preferred learning styles and formats, biggest concerns and expectations when joining the workforce, and what training young people want from employers.

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