Why Choose an Apprenticeship? – Apprentice Spotlight with Charlotte

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As a vehicle for growth and experience, Apprenticeships are an important tool in developing the next generation of talent. Here at Amberjack, we wanted to spotlight two of our current Apprentices and their experiences, and how they think employers can support Apprentices, for Apprenticeship Week 2024. 

Charlotte is one of Amberjack’s newest Apprentices and a currently completing a level 3 Business Administration with us! 

“I’d probably describe myself as a people person… I just love making people happy and trying to make a difference to someone’s day. I have been married almost two years now and recently expanded the family with a new puppy, who is only five months old! I completed my level 2 in Business Administration back in 2018 and then went on to be self-employed for quite some time. After a few years of my cleaning business, I wanted to branch out more to see where it could lead me… thankfully ending up being part of the Amberjack team!” 

What motivated you to choose an apprenticeship? 

“One thing that really motivated me was just the pure desire to explore my options. I also knew the best way for me to learn (within my personal development) is through on the job training, in turn  thought an apprenticeship would be the right fit for me.” 

“I spoke to lots of recruitment agencies who never got back to me, or mentioned I was not the right fit for the role I had applied to. I was getting ready to give up when I received a call from Danny at Amberjack, who asked if I was still interested in the role, I immediately said yes which lead to a new experience within Amberjack and WBTC.” 

How has your apprenticeship contributed to your personal growth? 

“This apprenticeship has contributed to my personal growth by placing me outside my comfort zone. I can be quite a shy person when you first meet me, but this apprenticeship has helped me develop my personality more in speaking to more people, whether that’s within the departments but also with clients, candidates, and within the group of college students too. It has also given me a bit of boost when looking at what I can reach out to achieve.” 

“Knowing I could apply to achieve this, hopefully with a distinction, has boosted my confidence. It’s made me excited to look at what I can achieve further down the line.” 

Would you recommend the apprenticeship route to others? 

“One thing I have noticed within both of my apprenticeships, with Amberjack with my previous supplier, is both have taught me many valuable skills which I may not have learnt elsewhere.” 

“I would definitely recommend this apprenticeship to others, as it has lead me to being much happier to get up and ready for work in the mornings… even on Mondays! I thoroughly enjoy learning and developing my own skills which excites me to see where this path takes me. I have enjoyed getting to know so many kind people and look forward to developing my skills even more throughout my apprenticeship!” 

“If you’re thinking about an apprenticeship… go for it! It’s a great experience which leads to useful skills, qualifications and much more!” 

How can employers hiring apprentices support them to achieve their potential? 

“One thing that calls to mind is keeping us as involved as possible, whilst recognising that apprentices are balancing their apprenticeship alongside work and other personal achievements too.” 

“Within both of my apprenticeships, I’ve been able to manage the work load due to the resources and times I have been given to complete my work to the best of my ability, whilst not having to give up any of my enjoyments outside of work. I enjoy a balanced work load which I have been very fortunate to have within both my apprenticeships.” 

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