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Recruiting graduates means assessing potential

Whether it’s potential to master a graduate role and deliver immediately, or potential to be a leader of the future, graduates’ limited work experience requires specialist assessment skills.  Similarly the expectations of Generations Y & Z require a specific approach to attraction, technology, candidate management and response handling.

The graduate recruitment market is highly competitive, the talent pool finite and the skills gap well documented.  Success in this market requires true expertise and niche skills. Graduate recruitment is where the Amberjack story started and is the sweetest of our sweet spots.

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How we can help you

Over the last 15 years we have supported nearly 1,000 graduate recruitment campaigns across all sectors, from first time graduate recruiters hiring just 6 graduates to well established programmes hiring well in excess of 500 graduates; our knowledge and understanding of the graduate market is therefore unrivalled. All our tools and solutions are informed by our unique ‘Future Talent Insights’ annual research into the graduate market. We’re able to ground all our processes, recommendations and improvements in data and proven best practice.

Whether you are looking for support in attraction, managing your process, the technology to underpin your processes or guidance on how to assess or develop your graduates, there is nobody better placed to achieve optimal results in an efficient and cost effective manner than us.

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