The Future Talent Insights Report this year identified a significant market trend from ‘tactical’ outsourcing to more strategic relationships between employers and their outsourcing partners.

The strategic objective is and always should be quality hires. But this is made all the harder when balancing resources with candidate volumes and the constant need to deliver an exceptional candidate experience – all in the midst of the fast paced and pressurised bubble that is a volume recruitment campaign.

We understand volume recruitment inside out because it’s our world. We have the experience, technology, insights and ability to transform your recruitment. As experts we also know that it’s often the crucial strategic objectives, such as engaging stakeholders and addressing movements in the business and the market that suffer when you’re held back by the time consuming day-to-day tasks of managing candidates through your recruitment process.

As multiple recipients of Recruiter and ISE (Institute of Student Employers) Awards our work has gained external validation from industry leaders. We’re a strategic partner with the knowledge and experience to add value to your recruitment by driving efficiencies of scale and supporting the heavy lifting – candidate management, video interviewing, cv screening, interviewing, running assessment centres or expenses management. We can support your entire campaign or crucial elements quickly, easily and cost-effectively.

As well as giving you the time to be more strategic without being held back by the time-consuming tasks of volume recruitment you’ll benefit from our expertise, speed, and enthusiasm. Volume recruitment is our world, it’s what we love to do, and we’d love to talk more. Complete your details on the right to find out more or call us on 01635 584130.

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