It goes without saying that the effects of this Covid-19 have been unprecedented and devastating in countless ways. For Student Recruitment, however, it could be argued that it has removed barriers, pushed organisations into taking action, eliminated perceived risks, and proved what is possible.

With no alternative, and with everyone taking the plunge together, processes have been virtualised end to end and organisations have been making offers of employment to individuals they have never met in person.

What is perhaps even more interesting, though, is the number of Student Recruitment Leaders who are now saying that they may continue to operate this way, even when they don’t have to.

Our Digital Assessment Centre Platform, Impact, has been used by many of the country’s leading Student Recruiters to deliver Virtual Assessment Centres that are just as immersive, engaging and predictively effective as before, but which are more convenient for candidates, assessors and recruiters and which also save significant resources and cost.

It has been remarkable how quick and easy the virtualisation has been (pre-existing Impact clients have been able to virtualise with just a couple of hours’ notice), and it has also been remarkable that there have not been significant issues with candidate-owned hardware and software. It has worked flawlessly.

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