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Ultimate tracking for data driven recruitment

Ambertrack is the best-in-class enterprise applicant tracking system (ATS). It’s the only system that’s been specifically designed to meet the demands of future talent volume recruitment campaigns. Our technology offers an alternative to traditional requisition-based systems by allowing you to compare data across future talent streams for in-depth analysis and review.

High-tech and high touch future talent solutions

Automation, bulk processing and seamless integration are all part of the Ambertrack DNA and drive significant time and cost-saving benefits. Customised to integrate with all leading assessment platforms, you can automate manual tasks, effectively manage candidate communications, improve candidate experience, and track results at any point in the recruitment campaign.

Real-time reporting

Ambertrack gives you complete visibility of your future talent pipeline with easy access to real-time reporting on each data item for every candidate. Our system reports on diversity, contextualised screening, adverse impact, predictive validity, and school or university attended.


85% time saving over requisition-based ATS’s

56% fewer reneged offers

Save 43% of costs involved in new hires

“Ambertrack is the best in class. It’s designed for volume recruitment by people who understand volume recruitment.”

Head of Operations, Technology & Functions Campus Recruitment, Global Financial Company


Make your assessment centres more efficient

Impact is our virtual assessment centre platform. It transforms traditional, time-consuming centres into modern, automated hubs devoted to candidate experience. By digitally streamlining your future talent recruitment strategy, you can save recruiter time, and costs and help the planet.

Deliver a fully virtual recruitment experience

Impact enhances the assessment experience for candidates, assessors and facilitators. Candidates are highly engaged in immersive tests that reflect true-life scenarios. Assessors can easily score, record and provide meaningful feedback to help make faster, better-informed and unbiased hiring decisions. And, facilitators can connect with candidates and monitor them in real-time without any fuss.

To protect against the uncertainty surrounding Covid-19, Impact can also be easily converted into a remote assessment tool – helping organisations meet the travel, costs and social distancing challenges posed by the coronavirus.

Manage your assessment centres more effectively

Our cutting-edge recruitment technology can be easily integrated with your existing recruitment process. Assessment centres can be planned, scheduled and allocated in minutes – featuring branded exercises that can be easily updated. Based on proven measures of early talent potential, our assessment data can be automatically accessed from multiple locations to manage your resources more efficiently.

Improve assessment experience for all

-Interactive solutions for candidates, assessors and facilitators

Efficiently manage assessment centres

-Plan, schedule and allocate centres in a matter of minutes

Automatically access data from multiple locations

-Instantly view data from any of your assessment centres

Deliver outstanding volume recruitment results

-Objective, consistent and visible assessments recognise potential

Greatly reduce assessor washup times

-Assessors score more accurately for time-saving efficiencies

Assessments tailor-made to your needs

-Tests and existing exercises can be customised and updated

Digital solutions scaled to fit any size

-Technology that can assess over 100 candidates – or just one

Create virtual assessment centres

-Remote assessments combat challenges posed by Covid-19

Showcase your brand identity

-Assessments can be personalised to reflect your company culture

Mobile-enabled paperless technology

-Candidates are assessed from their own devices – without any waste!

Planning assessment centres is 96% faster

100% reduction in paper waste compared to typical centres

Candidate NPS improved by 157% over paper-based centres

“Impact is innovative and relevant to today’s modern society. The technology is fast-paced, organised and very easy to use.”

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