The question of how you identify potential has been debated for years. But this year it has seen a quantum leap forward with the release of our High Potential Framework.

The framework brings together Natural Capabilities, Self-Awareness, Motivation, Learning Agility and Resilience. It helps you identify the 15% of High Performers who truly have High Potential.

Different organisations are using the framework at different stages. Some who have a leadership programme are analysing their recruitment process against it and closing the gaps. Others who are recruiting ready-now Future Talent are using it towards the end of their programmes. They can then identify the top proportion of that population to fast track on leadership programmes.

Development Centres designed around the framework can bring together different streams of Future Talent (Graduate / MBA / Apprentice / School Leaver). This creates a fair and transparent way to identify your future leadership. As opposed to those who have the potential to master their current role or become thought leaders within their existing realm.

If you are interested in assessing potential or wish to benchmark your current approach, we’d be delighted to talk to you. Call us on 01635 584130.

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