Build engagement and efficiency into every stage of your process

    Impactful attraction and engagement products

    We’re experts at articulating your brand message to bring roles to life, so candidates understand exactly what’s involved. Our proven attraction techniques are underpinned by blending insightful research with assessment expertise. We keep candidates personally engaged throughout their journey to ensure they have the best possible experience.


    Ambertrack is the market-leading applicant tracking system (ATS) for volume recruitment. Our award-winning technology can be easily integrated into your existing recruitment process while providing cutting-edge reporting and a seamless, immersive experience for candidates.


    Amberchat is our moderated chat platform that hosts real-time discussions for candidates. It’s been designed to create a more personal way to communicate with your future talent online. Connecting with candidates helps evolve relationships, improves attraction and ensures candidates remain engaged every step of the way.

    Match-me tools

    Match-me tools help candidates make better-informed decisions about their future career path. By providing them with realistic insights into the organisation, work environment and job role, candidates are matched with the best possible opportunities. For employers, they help improve efficiency by reducing application numbers and improving quality.


    Innovative assessment and selection technology

    Getting your recruitment right first time will save your organisation considerable time and costs. Designed by our own Occupational Psychologists and in partnership with leading Diversity Specialists, our powerful assessment and selection tools help organisations identify future talent potential.


    Leap is our industry-leading immersive digital platform that powers a wide range of our automated tests and blended assessments. These scientifically proven measures are trusted by some of the world’s largest brands to be more effective, engaging and efficient than ever before.


    HiPo-i is an immersive psychometric assessment that identifies potential through the use of blended assessment items. Scientifically proven, easily adaptable and anchored in assessment best practice, HiPo-i evaluates critical criteria that hasn’t previously been possible from a short, automated, off-the-shelf test.


    Impact is our Digital Assessment Centre platform that transforms traditional, time-consuming, paper-based events into modern, automated virtual experiences. Digitally streamlining your recruitment programme is an effective and ultra-efficient way of saving you time, costs and the planet.


    Talentsee is the ultimate video assessment platform for managing volume recruitment. Our video interviewing technology can be seamlessly integrated into all of our early talent assessment tools – forming an effective part of their overall functionality. Pre-recorded and on-demand interviews are a highly efficient way of identifying the talent you need.

    Powerful tracking and reporting tools

    Ambertrack is the only applicant tracking system that’s designed for recruiters by recruiters. Our best-in-class platform and reporting products let you efficiently automate recruitment through bulk processing, managing communications, measuring progress at every stage, and accessing real-time pipeline data– a game changer for volume recruitment.


    Ambertrack is the most innovative applicant tracking system (ATS) for volume recruitment. If you don’t have an ATS you will be astounded by the efficiencies and advances that our trail-blazing technology brings. You will also be impressed by improvements to candidate experience, including automated feedback and measuring their satisfaction every step of the way.


    Engaging offer and onboarding solutions 

    Our immersive onboarding solutions ensure your candidates stay motivated and excited from the moment they accept an offer to the day they start. We’ll work closely with you to create a fully branded and tailor-made onboarding journey that meets your organisation’s needs while keeping your candidates engaged.


    Ambertrack is the only enterprise applicant tracking system that’s designed to meet the specialist demands of intake-based volume recruitment campaigns. We’ve developed a range of modular offer management and onboarding tools that are results-driven, cost-effective and easily integrated with your future talent recruitment programme.