Talent Management Outsourcing Services

Efficiently Manage Talent Throughout the Hiring Journey

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The core aspect of our recruitment outsourcing service encompasses Talent Management. This pivotal process involves cultivating and nurturing relationships with candidates throughout the recruitment journey, ensuring a seamless and gratifying experience.

Our comprehensive talent management services encompass tailored communication, coaching sessions, technical assistance, and extensive feedback for every candidate, fostering a rewarding experience regardless of the outcome.

Amberjack's Talent Management Outsourcing Services

Response Handling

Application Screening

Conducting Telephone Interviews

Marking Video Interviews

Assessment Centre Facilitation

Conducting Coaching & Tech Calls

Feedback Calls

Expenses Management

Offer Management

Reference Checking & Vetting

Talent Management Services

Talent Management Technology

The necessity for appropriate technology lies at the heart of a practical talent management approach.

Talent management systems are specialised software platforms meticulously crafted to facilitate the entire recruitment process, from attracting initial talent to their successful onboarding.

Within Amberjack’s Volume Hiring Platform, functionalities encompass a spectrum of operations: job listing administration, CV and online application handling, digital assessment hosting, interview scheduling and coordination, virtual assessment centre execution, and comprehensive onboarding management.

Especially for high-volume hiring initiatives, establishing a resilient and, if required, customised talent management platform stands as a pivotal prerequisite for organisations.

Talent Management Services

The Benefits of Talent Management Systems

Smart Automation Processes

Implementing an effective talent management procedure can alleviate recruitment stress by automating numerous repetitive and time-intensive activities.

Such tasks encompass job posting, event listing, application screening, and talent correspondence.

This allocation of responsibilities empowers recruiters to dedicate more time to discerning the most suitable talent, diminishing the potential for errors.

Enhanced Decision Making

Unintentional biases are significantly minimised, fostering a more equitable and balanced environment.

Furthermore, Amberjack’s talent management offerings have the potential to save recruiters substantial hours.

This, in turn, enables them to concentrate on the later phases of the procedure, engaging with talent who align most aptly with their organisation.

Better Talent Experience

Talent management systems simplify the application process, enabling talent to apply, monitor their progress, and independently schedule interviews and assessment centre sessions.

Additionally, they provide a personalised journey through automated communications and subsequent interactions.

With constant updates and around-the-clock support, candidates are equipped with the means to maintain current information, thereby enhancing the management of talent interactions.

Improved Efficiencies

By incorporating talent management platforms, operational efficiency can be enhanced through task automation and the capability to monitor talent progress throughout the recruitment journey.

This enables you to ascertain candidates’ interview readiness, identify those requiring further attention, and streamline pipeline management.

Furthermore, more sophisticated talent management systems offer the capacity to conduct video interviews and host virtual talent assessment centres.

They also furnish real-time, comprehensive data and reporting for organisations.

Seamless Onboarding

Simplifying the onboarding process, our talent management solutions offer digital forms that are effortlessly fillable and securely stored.

Moreover, the majority of talent management systems feature onboarding checklists. These assist in a smooth onboarding journey and create spaces for talent to connect with fellow newcomers and stay informed about organisational updates.

In this manner, you can ensure a high engagement level and a seamless integration for your newly hired employees.

Talent Management Services

How to Achieve Effective Talent Management

Clearly Defined Recruitment Process

An essential approach for proficient talent management involves offering an enlightening and instructional recruitment journey.

Enabling talent to comprehend your organisation and the position they seek comprehensively enhances the quality of talent as the process progresses.

Talented individuals can plan meticulously and fulfil their expectations by establishing a sturdy and well-defined recruitment procedure accompanied by explicit instructions for each phase.

Tailored Communications Plan

Recruitment processes with multiple stages, particularly in Early Careers and Future Talent, can span weeks to finalise.

From the initial application to the eventual offer, the timeline can often extend over several months. This underscores the significance of effectively overseeing the talent pipeline.

Crafting a tailored communication strategy is paramount to ensure sustained talent involvement in the process.

The greater the level of personalisation for each individual, the higher the probability of their successful process completion.

Support and Feedback

Recruitment processes can be complicated, and it can be daunting for those new to the employment market, especially Apprentices and Graduates

Offering comprehensive guidance on the talent’s expectations, assessment criteria, and preparation at every process stage significantly enhances their performance potential. This represents a fundamental aspect of our talent management service.

While furnishing feedback to talent may pose challenges and consume time, it underscores your organisation’s commitment to personal growth, irrespective of the outcome.Moreover, it positions you ahead of numerous competitors in the field.

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Optimised Team and Resource

Effective talent management within the realm of recruitment necessitates a harmonious blend of apt technology, adept interpersonal skills, and valuable experience.

Incorporating astute automation to oversee routine facets of the recruitment journey often permits teams to channel their energy and expertise towards the concluding phases.

Consequently, more time and attention are directed towards those talented individuals exhibiting higher potential for success.

Many entities also leverage outsourcing to proficiently and capably execute their processes.

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What Our Clients Have To Say

"Technology and intelligent automation have played a vital role in the solution we have delivered and allowed us to transform our process both internally and for our candidates. We have been delighted with the results."
Emerging Talent Manager,
‘Amberjack’s integrated technologies allow us to achieve many of our objectives all whilst maintaining an exceptional candidate experience’
Recruitment Manager, Weightmans
“Amberjack has done us proud throughout our partnership. Early Careers is a massive part of Morrisons – it is who we are, nurturing young talent as our sustainability in this company.”
Senior People Manager,
'In partnership with Amberjack we have transformed our recruitment experience and achieved outstanding results.'
Recruitment Manager,
Virgin Atlantic
“One area I’m particularly proud of is the unwavering commitment to ED&I by the team including direct targeting of minority group recruitment events, which enabled us to achieve a gender split of 60% female and 30% from various ethnic backgrounds with the candidates we made final offers to. Our entire campaign aimed to attract and retain candidates from a wealth of backgrounds and our approach included tested, best practice assessment criteria, aiming to get the best from all candidates regardless of their background.”
Head of Early Careers, Atkins

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