The Industry Challenge

The Utilities & Energy industries in the UK play a vital part in our day-to-day life, and a pivotal role in the climate change and sustainability movements. The importance of innovation in the sector is paramount.

Yet the industry is facing a STEM talent shortage and significant diversity challenges, combined with an ageing workforce, which poses a serious threat to the sector’s reputation and the nation’s ability to reach its climate, energy and cost of living goals.

Our data suggests there is a very low appetite for young people wanting to do an apprenticeship in the utilities/energy sector. Presenting a significant challenge when trying to recruit ethnically diverse groups, females, and those from a low socio-economic background.

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Given the importance of the sector to climate change, there is a huge opportunity for de-mystifying and kickstarting diverse recruitment.

Your biggest competitors for talent come from outside the sector, they are neighbouring industries fishing in the same candidate pond. Recruiting new talent and new skills is made even harder when organisations want job-ready recruits.

Working collaboratively to make the industry a great place to build a career is a no-brainer.

With Gen A being 3 times more likely to consider an apprenticeship than Gen Z, and coupled with the fact that 28% of your candidate pipeline will be lost if there is no engagement by the age of 16, it’s critical to start engaging with potential talent early.

We work smarter (not harder) with our Utilities and Energy clients to attract, assess and manage new candidate pools that future-proof their organisations, fill the skills gaps and make their businesses more inclusive and reflective of today’s society.

How We Support the Sector

We implement intelligent candidate attraction strategies by working closely with your company to establish your goals for the workforce you want to build. 

Candidate Management

We process and manage over 400,000 applications a year, and understand the importance of keeping candidates engaged through each stage of your recruitment process. Especially within the competitive early talent market. We advise and help our clients on how to best manage candidates through the process and add value at each stage.


Intelligent Attraction

We implement intelligent candidate attraction strategies by working closely with your company to establish your goals for the workforce you want to build. We helped Virgin Media O2 achieve 44% Offer Rate to Females, 35% to BAME, 15% to Disabled candidates.


Discovering talent with Future Potential will give you 2.5 times the return of a poor recruit. At Amberjack, we can design and deliver end-to-end assessment processes or work closely with your organisation’s in-house recruitment team. 

Our Virgin Media Case Study

We worked with Virgin Media to help them place new talent in both office-based and field-based roles.

They wanted to improve diversity by attracting more female applicants into these technical and field-based roles which have been traditionally male-dominated.

Download the case study below to discover how we:

  • Used digital engagement and direct diversity-based attraction to help them achieve 44% of offers going to women
  • 35% of offers to under-represented ethnic groups
  • 15% of offers to candidates with a disabilit
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Equality, Diversity and Inclusion
with Virgin Media O2

Candidate Experience
with Virgin Media O2

Best Emerging
Talent Strategy
with Virgin Media O2

Working Across the Early Talent Market

We’re trusted globally by many of the world’s leading Future Talent recruiters, and work in collaboration with them and our partner network to provide in-depth research, reports, and cutting-edge services.

As professionals in identifying candidates with potential, we pride ourselves on our ability to help you recruit a future-fit workforce, whether that be through Graduates, Apprentices, Placements, or a mixture! Utilising the information we have available, and reviewing market trends, helps us help you.

Discover more on the advantages of assessing for potential, and dive into our industry research with the below resources. Providing consistent insights, analysis, and value is crucial to Amberjack. Sharing our expertise allows us to achieve excellent results with our clients.

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