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Amberjack's Model for Identifying Potential

In a constantly changing world with no certainty, yesterday cannot always predict tomorrow. With past-experience becoming an increasingly restrictive method of measuring the likelihood of a candidate’s success, how do you ensure that the talent you hire is future-fit?

The answer lies in Potential. In an era marked by development and advancement, measuring a candidate’s Potential enables you to identify individuals who will succeed at whatever tomorrow brings.

Historically, assessing candidates has relied on past-experience and attainment as the crucial component. We believe Potential should be the primary consideration instead.

Blended is Best

Historically, most volume recruiters have used a multi-staged assessment process with several stages for candidates to progress through.

'Stitched' together alternatives can often feel disjointed and don't come across smoothly, so here at Amberjack, we suggest an assessment which is blended from the very first principles, affording significant benefits.

This enables recruiters to see the whole individual they are assessing, and prevents a low score in one section from removing a candidate before they've had the opportunity to represent their best self.

Potential in Action

BDO were looking to develop an innovative and unique recruitment journey for Early Careers candidates.

They looked to achieve this by completely redesigning their process and implementing Amberjack’s Assessment for Identifying Potential, helping them to find the best talent with the potential to succeed.

Discover BDO's goals and how Amberjack helped them reduce their time to hire from around 4 months, to just less than one, by downloading the full case study.

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