Video Interviewing

Video interviewing made easy.

“It’s easy to use with fantastic support. We can see talent up-close and share videos to quickly screen candidates, saving time and costs.”

Recruitment Manager, Financial Services Firm

The video interviewing masters

Our Insights research has demonstrated that the correlation between video interviews and eventual assessment outcomes is even stronger than that between telephone interviews and outcomes.

In addition, our evidence shows that they typically sift out higher proportions of applicants and are typically made up of fewer questions so they are significantly more efficient.

Their efficiency is compounded by the fact that recruiters can simply assess the responses and don’t need to invest time in actually conducting each interview, or indeed in scheduling those interviews.

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Beyond video interviewing

Furthermore, those getting the most from video assessment are bringing forward the assessment of primary evidence and are using them to host case studies and richer assessment content than telephone interviews can handle.  They are also using the video questions to do more than just ask questions, they’re injecting elements of realistic job preview.

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