Assessment & Selection

Mis-hiring costs hundreds of thousands of pounds a year.

"The new innovative approach will give applicants a valuable experience and help us attract new talent, helping us in our vision to grow the business."

Chief HR Officer, Unilever

Doing more with less

It’s critically important to get your recruitment right first time. And when you do, a high performer will give you 2.5 times the return of a poor recruit. But if you don’t know what you’re looking for, how can you ever hope to find it? That’s where we come in.

These days it’s also not just about assessment. Your selection tools have a significant impact on your applicants’ candidate experience and it is therefore critical that they identify future potential in an engaging way that offers a realistic job preview. The expectations of today’s applicants are set by their consumer experience and therefore selection processes need to be responsive, personalised and interactive.

The modern recruiter is also constantly being asked to do more with less so automation and integration are increasingly critical criteria. We constantly scan the consumer market to identify new trends and tools which can be adapted for selection to ensure that you and your candidates have the most engaging and efficient experience possible.


Framework and Process Design

The most fundamental secret to the success of a volume recruitment process is absolute clarity around the assessment framework.

Once you understand what you are looking for, you can then determine the baseline target talent pool and the selection process that will help you identify the perfect few from the potential many.

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Unless your workforce accurately reflects the population you wish to sell to or serve, you can’t expect your products and services to evolve in the optimal manner.

Similarly, unless you have diversity of thought within your leadership teams, you can’t expect to innovate and challenge conventional thinking. Speak to us to ensure that your organisation experiences the true value of diversity.

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We can help you use your data to remove the redundant elements of your selection process and focus on the tools and criteria which truly predict success.  Eliminating stages/tools/criteria which add no value to the selection outcomes not only saves cost but also improves efficiency and candidate experience.

You will probably be pleasantly surprised at how little our predictive validity studies cost and how much they can potentially save you.

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Situational Judgement Tests are easily the most popular technology-enabled assessment tools on the market. They act as a cost effective tool for deselecting large volumes of candidates – whether graduates, school leavers or more experienced hires – with no adverse impact (bias).

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Applicants who don’t succeed through your selection process not only cost you time and money but often also leave the process with negative feelings about your organisation.  For businesses with a consumer-directed brand this can result in the loss of millions in revenue.

As a result self-selection tools, which enable candidates to take control and decide not to apply if they’re not a good fit, are one of our most popular solutions.  We think they should be a volume recruitment staple.

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Gamification is simply the application of game-theory to other activities.  In the context of attraction, selection and development, in volume recruitment processes, it’s all about dialing up the fun, increasing engagement and loyalty and taking applicants on a journey which helps them build their identity from applicant to employee over the course of the application process.

Gamification is a spectrum and has something to offer both the most disruptive and innovative organisations, and those with a more traditional or conservative approach.

Chat to us about the ways in which we can help you increase the stickiness of your selection process, assess digital intelligence and raise the profile of your hiring process.

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The modern workplace puts resilience firmly in the assessment spotlight.  The extent to which individuals are able to cope with pressure, exercise emotional control, adapt and show flexibility, respond to situations and embrace change is a critical indicator of their potential.

We map our unique off-the-shelf Resilience Assessment tool to your organisation and bring it to life through the use of scenarios true to your business.  It’s quick, highly effective and visually exciting for candidates.

Speak to us to find out more, as far as we are aware, nobody offers an equivalent solution.

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Commercial Acumen is high on most organisations’ wish lists.  It is, however, notoriously hard to assess in an objective manner.

Our off-the-shelf assessment tool takes less than 15 minutes to complete and gives a silver-bullet assessment of someone’s commercial capabilities so that candidates who don’t possess this critical capability can be deselected at the earliest possible stage in a manner that is both engaging and highly face valid.

Get in touch to understand more about this tool, how it works and why it is so unique.

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The modern assessment centre is dynamic, exciting, highly engaging and has a few different faces.  Speak to us to discuss which approach is right for you.

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The best way to tell if someone can do a job is to get them to do the job. The more closely an assessment centre replicates the role applied for, the more accurate its assessment outcome is likely to be, and the more likely an applicant is to feel comfortable with the selection decision regardless of whether or not it is favourable towards them.


We are leading the way with ‘Immersive Assessment Centres.” Immersive assessment centres not only reflect a day in the life of employees at the organisation applied for, but also offer a radically new approach to interviews and leverage technology to bring a new level of realism, engagement, excitement and measurement of future potential.

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Defamiliarisation assessment centres are designed to test whether or not a candidate’s natural strengths are a fit with the role.

The only true way to assess someone’s natural capabilities (as opposed to their learned behaviours) is to take them out of their comfort zone.

Defamiliarisation exercises or assessment centres therefore cannot be prepared for and do not have an obvious right or wrong approach.  This doesn’t mean they’re scary, in contrast, because candidates rely on their innate strengths, they are exciting and energising.

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For organisations that recruit candidates who can be found in particular locations (e.g. in retail parks or in Schools/University campuses), Flash Mob assessment centres combine attraction and selection processes in order to produce the most efficient output possible.

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Global teams and projects are part of everyday life for most modern multinationals.  Virtual Assessment Centres which replicate this reality are therefore becoming increasingly popular.  Assessing candidates concurrently in multiple countries might sound complex but the secret is all in the design.

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Do. Check. Review.  Most of our competitors only complete the first two steps in this critical quality assurance process, and none of them deliver stage three through an independent team staffed with auditors and quality assurance professionals as we do.  That is why we know that the quality of our assessments is second to none.


Our QA team not only assure the quality of any assessment work that we carry out on your behalf, they also work on a consultancy basis and can help you maintain consistency if you are using multiple internal assessors or check the conclusions of more automated assessment tools.

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Modern assessment centres deliver a dynamic, exciting and highly engaging digital experience for candidates. Now you can provide an equally immersive experience for assessors and business stakeholders.

The Impact paperless assessment platform is personalised to your brand and easy to use with mobile devices. It’s a standalone platform that captures assessor scores, behaviours and comments for all your assessment exercises even across multiple locations.

The objectivity, consistency, visibility and effectiveness of assessment centres is transformed. Best of all because you have all your scores and MI data in one place you can see how assessments are truly performing and benefit from making quality hiring decisions faster than ever before.

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Leap is an immersive digital assessment platform that makes assessment and selection more efficient, effective and engaging than ever before. It combines the latest innovative tech with robust insights-based assessment and selection tests that deliver the quality talent you need.

Leap flexibly hosts a wide range of automated assessment tests. From traditional text-based assessments of aptitude, cognition, judgement and personality to blended assessments, cuttingedge immersive video Situational Judgement Tests (SJTs) and interactive Match-Me tools that engage candidates more effectively.

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