Digital Assessment Centres

Impact drives paperless transformation.

Impact makes assessment centres more realistic than before. It’s an exciting and immersive experience that replicates the digital workplace today.

Head of Recruitment, Professional Services Firm

Go paperless, go digital, go Impact

Modern recruitment provides candidates with a digital, dynamic, exciting and highly engaging experience. But this ends at assessment centres that are traditionally paper heavy and time consuming – the opposite of the fast-paced working world today. The new Impact platform transforms everything. Assessment centres are made digital and interactive, better reflecting life in role and more accurately measuring the behaviours needed for success. Watch the video.

Fully personalised to your brand and exercises, Impact captures all assessment data even across multiple locations. Using tablets or laptops candidates benefit from personalised digital schedules, task instructions and exercises – all updatable on the fly. Assessors and facilitators access information, score and record comments in real-time too. Assessment centres are made more effective with the paperless experience impact delivers. You benefit from instant and complete visibility of data in one place, making wash-ups faster and more efficient.

Make planning assessment centres 96% faster

As a digital platform, Impact not only transforms the experience for all participants, it makes planning assessment centres more efficient too. Fast and easy to setup, planning is on average 96% faster than before because Impact automatically allocates resources to exercises and room locations. It takes seconds to fully schedule an entire day, saving time and costs with everything configured to your exact needs, at the click of a button.

Impact transforms the objectivity, consistency, visibility and accuracy of your assessment centres. Best of all because you have all your scores and MI data in one place you can make the quality hiring decisions you need faster than ever before.

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