Candidate Experience

We do what’s right for our clients and their candidates. We don’t know any other way.

As an external candidate, the experience enhanced my relationship with the organisation and was a significant factor when weighing up other graduate opportunities on offer.

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The candidate is king

Your candidates will have the best possible experience, from initial engagement, through to application and hire. Our tried and tested processes, as well as technologies such as online chats, NPS scores (Net Promoter Score) and personalised feedback, built around your brand, will support them along their journey.

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How we work for you

We take our responsibilities in managing candidates on behalf of our clients very seriously. We recognise that every touch point we have with them reflects directly on our client’s brand and values. With dedicated hotlines, in boxes, social channel management, coaching calls and online chats, we are there for your candidates whatever their question, every step of the way. To ensure we reflect your brand, we immerse ourselves in our client culture initially, before we ‘go live’ and we seek candidate feedback through surveys and online chats, so we can always improve on our delivery.

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The Amberjack team play an integral role in our success on the frontline for our candidates so many thanks to all of you.

Head of UK Graduate Recruitment, BP