Apprentice Solutions

Our new suite of recruitment solutions brings innovation and rigor to apprentice recruitment and assesses true potential like nothing before.

Turning the dial on apprentice recruitment

As experts in identifying true potential nobody better understands how to engage and select apprentice talent.

We bring innovation and rigor to apprenticeship recruitment by assessing applicant potential in a robust and engaging way. Our approach is underpinned by the largest validation study in the future talent space and built by our team of Occupational Psychologists. It enables all applicants to demonstrate their true potential and capability to set them up for success in role.


This is supported by unparalleled levels of candidate experience that optimises your employer brand. Using the latest technology and video that resonates with apprentice talent we keep your applicants engaged and more likely to complete their programmes.

Apprentice Recruiter

Recruiter expertly manages the recruitment of apprentices. It is cost-effective, saves time, and is highly scalable for multiple client deployments and apprenticeship streams. With full integrations with external test providers it ensures that you have access to all your recruitment data right down to each individual candidate.



Candidate experience, automation, bulk processing, and personalised communications are integral to its DNA. You will be astounded by the efficiencies and benefits that Recruiter delivers you, your clients, and their applicants.

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Selector is an effective, efficient and engaging assessment and selection solution. It measures potential in apprentice applicants who often do not have the work experience to draw from in an immersive way.



It works by placing apprentices in realistic work scenarios and assesses how they respond to these situations. By assessing potential fit, decision making, and judgement together with the authentic behaviours and skills needed for effective performance your retention rates are improved.

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