Recruiting tech talent was already difficult before the pandemic.

    Recruiting tech talent was already difficult before the pandemic. Now, organisations are facing an off-the-scale challenge.  Two-thirds (66%) of companies aim to hire more tech staff in the next year in a market supplied with very few unemployed candidates.

    Amberjack’s immersive psychometric, HiPo-i, helps organisations to recruit applicants who may not have the relevant experience or STEM background. Designed by our in-house occupational psychologists this highly engaging and interactive assessment has been designed to measure against the 5 key pillars of Technical Potential:

    • Grit
    • Applied Intellect
    • Creative Force
    • Digital Mindset
    • Computational Reasoning

    Our innovative and award-winning product offers:

    • Interactive, realistic, high energy experience anchored in storytelling
    • Efficient process for candidates and recruiters. Quick and easy to deploy
    • Effective whole person assessment to identify potential.
    • Inclusive assessment with disability, neurodiversity both accounted for

    In September and October, we are providing an exciting Introductory offer for all new and existing clients. Please fill in your details to the right and a member of our team will be in contact to discuss this opportunity.