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We provide a cost-effective solution for managing hiring processes

Looking to attract, assess and effectively manage candidates when hiring for your business?

Streamline your recruitment process by outsourcing to Amberjack

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Working closely with you we’ll define your exact employment needs before putting them into action at pace. 

We are proud of our long-lasting partnerships and our dedicated professionals work as an extension of your team to deliver campaigns to the highest standard.

Amberjack’s RPO Solutions

As experts whose core specialty is the business of recruiting, we are able to offer our clients services that in-house teams simply cannot match. These include:

Candidate Attraction

In a competitive market, identifying and engaging with the right candidates is an ongoing challenge when it comes to talent acquisition. 

The majority of RPO providers will have a specialist Attraction and Employer Brand team who will be able to provide deep insight into your sector and provide help and guidance on the best way to reach your target audience. 

In Early Careers recruitment, this can often be a complex and resource-heavy part of the recruitment campaign and outsourcing hiring can provide huge efficiencies and cost savings. 

We particularly excel in graduate recruitment and identifying the perfect candidates for the job.

Candidate Assessments

Volume hiring campaigns involve managing extremely high numbers of applications that need to be processed quickly and effectively.

RPO providers can offer support across the recruitment lifecycle from screening initial applications or CVs to reviewing video interview submissions and managing or facilitating assessment centres. 

Our fully trained assessors are experienced in selecting the most appropriate candidates and provide a fair and consistent way of assessing.

Candidate Management

While a massive influx of job candidates can be a good problem to have, it’s not always easy for in-house recruiting teams to manage. 

A Recruitment Process Outsourcing company like Amberjack can take on this burden, using our expertise and resources to ensure that all candidates are provided with the best possible experience. 

Whether it be responding to candidate queries and questions in a timely manner, creating tailored communications to improve engagement, or providing pre-assessment tech or coaching calls, we can act as an extension of your team.

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Recruitment Analytics Support

Having access to real-time, accurate data is critical to understand how your campaign is performing and where changes or updates need to happen. 

Amberjack can offer you the tools and support you need to access, analyse and make informed decisions about your recruitment strategy.

Compliance & Risk Management

The legal landscape surrounding recruitment and hiring is constantly changing. 

Our RPO solutions can help you to navigate these changes and ensure that your process is compliant with all relevant laws and regulations.

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Need burst capacity to support your campaign? This is how our RPO model can help...

Media management

Application screening

Conducting telephone and video interviews

Assessing at assessment centres

Facilitating assessment centres

Offer management

The Benefits Of Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Businesses of all sizes, needs, and backgrounds turn to RPO companies as an all-in-one solution to their recruiting needs. Why? Here are just some of the benefits:

RPO Scales With Your Business

As your business grows, so too does your need for talent. 

RPO providers can scale their services to meet the demands of your business. 

This ensures that you always have access to a flexible resource when and where you need it.

It's A Cost-Effective Solution

RPO can often provide a cost-effective solution to your hiring needs. 

By outsourcing RPO recruitment, your in-house team can focus on other important tasks, while still providing you with access to top recruits and employment results.

The Latest Tools & Technologies

RPO providers invest in the latest tools and technologies to help their clients find and engage top talent. 

This means that you can benefit from the latest advances in recruiting and have a strategic approach to hiring procedures without having to make a significant investment yourself.

Experts With A Wealth Of Knowledge

Amberjack has access to an extensive network of contacts and resources, which we use to help clients find the best talents. 

We’ve delivered over 450 volume campaigns, across multiple sectors which means we can offer the best advice and share insight and knowledge.

RPO Puts Recruitment On Hyperdrive

Outsourcing your recruitment activities can help to drive huge efficiencies across the hiring process. 

By accessing expert teams and the best technology, we can help you to streamline your recruiting process.

This puts recruitment on hyperdrive and gets you the results you need in a fraction of the time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have any questions about recruitment process outsourcing? Here are answers to some of the most common queries.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is a powerful approach to hiring that allows employers to outsource or transfer all or part of their recruitment efforts to an external provider. 

With RPO, the service provider takes on the responsibility of designing, implementing, and managing the entire recruitment process, from sourcing qualified candidates to onboarding new hires. 

By using RPO, employers benefit from increased efficiency, cost savings, and access to a broader talent pool. It also contributes to an enhanced candidate experience, preventing any potential reneges.

Our recruitment outsourcing process involves us working with clients to first understand their specific recruitment needs before developing and implementing a customised solution. 

This could be as simple as offering burst capacity for busy parts of the season or outsourcing company recruitment from attraction through to onboarding.

Students use social media to share their recruitment experiences with organisations and openly enquire if other applicants are aware of the status of their application.

Therefore, outsourcing to an EC provider ensures that your applicants are moved quickly, consistently and accurately through your recruitment process so that you secure high quality hires.

  • “We will lose control around quality of the candidates attending assessment centre”
  • “Our employer brand will be weakened”
  • “We can do it cheaper in-house”

The above are all statements that can usually come from employers. However, outsourced recruitment, done correctly, proves all these points incorrect.

  • Step 1
    Agree on a detailed statement of work, mutually agreeable commercials and a bespoke service level agreement.

  • Step 2
    We will initiate an implementation kick-off workshop. During the implementation workshop, the provider will share a high-level implementation timeline with key milestone dates. 

    Supporting this will be a detailed project plan.  You will agree on the frequency of meetings, create a RAID log and allocate key owners to each of the deliverables.

  • Step 3
    The Selection tool design will begin – the client will need to identify key stakeholders around the business who can attend a short job analysis meeting with a member of the outsourced provider’s assessment team. 

    Once the tools are designed the client will need to reengage the stakeholders to take part in an SME trial and after this an incumbent trial using existing graduates or apprentices who are already in post.

  • Step 4
    Technology build – your provider will ask you to join a number of requirements-gathering workshops so that the provider accurately captures all of your recruitment processes.

    Once built, the client will need to complete two rounds of user acceptance testing.

  • Step 5
    Working with the outsourced provider’s marketing team to provide collateral and agree on the attraction strategy.

  • Step 6
    Assessor briefing – providers welcome members of the client’s organisation to join the assessor briefing prior to going live. 

    This gives the client an opportunity to submerse the provider’s team with knowledge about the organisation.
  • 100% fulfilment of hiring demand
  • Year on year enhancements to client and candidate satisfaction
  • Delivery within an agreed campaign budget
  • Detailed recommendations to enable continuous improvement of the selection process
  • Benefit from the latest marketing, tech and assessment innovations

We have provided RPO services to a number of organisations across industries. Below you can find a brief outline of the work we completed, along with a link to request the full case study if you’d like further information.

  • Virgin Media O2 – Building on the success of the past couple of years, Virgin Media O2 wanted to raise the bar even higher. We have supported them to continually improve their approach to attraction, assessment and candidate engagement and achieve outstanding results against their original objectives.

  • Morrisons – The new digital recruitment programme featured cutting-edge technology, without sacrificing a human experience for candidates.

  • Mars – Mars needed an early talent recruitment process that would improve candidate experience, deliver future-proof talent that stands out from the crowd, and raise overall efficiency.

  • Atkins – By drawing on insight and feedback and utilising our in-house expertise, Amberjack designed a customised and interactive process.


What Our Clients Have To Say

“Amberjack has done us proud throughout our partnership. Early Careers is a massive part of Morrisons – it is who we are, nurturing young talent as our sustainability in this company.”
Early Careers People Manager, Morrisons
"Through close collaboration and partnership with Amberjack we have been able to use best practice assessment tools and provide graduate, intern and apprentice candidates a more streamlined recruitment process. By doing so, we’ve been rewarded with higher quality and more engaged candidates.”
Head of Future Careers, Virgin Media O2
“I would consider Amberjack a true strategic partner. Our relationship is built on trust and mutual respect. We look to co-create and work through challenges together.”
Future Talent Manager, Mars
‘The innovative selection process we now have in place has exceeded our initial expectations and objectives."
Head of Early Careers, Atkins
‘Amberjack’s integrated technologies allow us to achieve many of our objectives all whilst maintaining an exceptional candidate experience’
Recruitment Manager, Weightmans
"Technology and intelligent automation have played a vital role in the solution we have delivered and allowed us to transform our process both internally and for our candidates. We have been delighted with the results."
Recruitment Manager, Financial Services Firm
Senior Resourcing Manager, BDO

Are you ready to build a workforce for the Future?

Recruitment Process Outsourcing can be a valuable solution for organisations of all sizes. If you’re interested in learning more about our recruitment outsourcing solutions, we encourage you to contact us. We’ll be happy to answer any of your questions and help you determine if RPO is the right solution for your organisation.

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