Every year, the Local Government Graduate Finance Programme brings together local authorities and other public services to recruit and train graduates, who want to pursue a career in public finance under the Finance the Future Graduate Programme. For the 2020 Graduate recruitment campaign, we had nine boroughs recruiting under this one shared scheme.


    All nine London boroughs recognised that due to COVID-19, their recruitment was late in the graduate recruitment world. However, there was one common alignment, they were committed to working together as a cohort and had the same objectives, to meet with the graduates they wanted to welcome into their boroughs.

    Across the nine boroughs, they wanted 13 hires  – with the potential to increase those hiring numbers if the right candidates were found.
    There was a timeframe and a very tight one in fact. They wanted to go live for applications in mid-June – allowing candidates to start the role in early September.

    • The recruitment kicked off with a facelift of the Finance the Future website, updating the design with new branding. 
    • Implementation of an enhanced communications plan.
    • We concentrated on both keeping candidates engaged and ensuring that the borough’s diversity targets were met. We made sure there was no adverse impact to any minority groups at each stage of the recruitment process.
    • Our in-house Occupational Psychologists reviewed this at application form stage, online test stage and video interview stage. This helped us deliver a diverse pool of candidates for Assessment Centre and Final Interview stage.
    • The condensed recruitment timeframe allows the boroughs to utilise delayed correspondences through auto-chasers – after there were no stage changes within our applicant tracking system (ATS), Ambertrack.
    • The engaging process was effective and allowed the team to work at pace, while delivering that a high calibre of candidates for the boroughs to review at Final Interview.
    • We saw 1,527 applications, which was nearly double the volume of applications we saw in the previous year.
    • We filled 176% of Vacancies, with 43% of offers being female – and 30% of offers being BAME.
    • We finished the recruitment campaign with 100% offers
      accepted across all boroughs.
    • Our extremely positive results thrilled the boroughs – who had more graduates start in September than expected.

    “It has been a pleasure working with the team at Amberjack in what has been a very challenging period due to COVID-19 and the lockdown.”

    Hamant Bharadia, Assistant Director of Finance, Lambeth Council


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