Tesco is a market-leading British retailer with stores around the world. They’re the largest grocery seller in the UK – and the third largest retailer on the planet based on gross revenue. Their core purpose is ‘serving shoppers a little better every day’.


    Tesco wanted to improve their recruitment process in an innovative way that engaged and excited candidates while introducing them to the Tesco way of working – and providing helpful tuition and feedback. Tesco also wanted to make their assessment centres more automated and efficient – as well as reducing the number of locations.


    Working together with Tesco, we developed a ‘Healthy Living’ theme that became central to the early talent digital assessment day we designed for graduates, apprentices and interns.

    By attracting different future talent streams to the same event, we made Tesco assessment centres more appealing and efficient using Impact. Each centre hosted an average of 90 candidates applying across various roles and levels.

    The cross-functional element gave candidates a chance to learn about different areas of the business while introducing them to the brand’s culture. Following the recruitment event, candidates received a feedback call and follow-up email.


    Candidates expressed enthusiasm for an original, engaging and interactive experience that gave them a chance to understand both what Tesco does, and why they work that way.

    Impact reduced the number of Tesco assessment centres from 45 to only four. Through auto-scheduling, Impact also greatly reduced the amount of time spent planning assessments, and the amount of paper wasted.

    • Over 90% reduction in number of assessment centres
    • Over 60% reduction in washup times (from two hours to 45 minutes)
    • Planning assessment scheduling reduced to two hours

    “The day really encapsulated our culture at Tesco. It was as much about assessing the candidates as candidates learning what we are like as a supportive employer. The assessment centre was fantastically organised and fuss-free experience for everyone.”

    Tesco Assessor


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