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Applicant tracking system

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Virtual assessment centre platform

Leading-edge assessment platform

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Ultimate tracking for data driven recruitment

Ambertrack is the market-leading applicant tracking system (ATS) for volume recruitment. Our award-winning technology can be easily integrated into your existing recruitment process while providing cutting-edge reporting and a seamless, immersive experience for candidates.

You’ll be impressed by improvements to candidate experience, including automated feedback and measuring their satisfaction every step of the way.

We’ve also developed a range of modular offer management and onboarding tools that are results-driven, cost-effective and easily integrated with your future talent recruitment programme.

Efficiently saves over 85% of recruiter time

Typically 28% faster time-to-offer and 43% less cost-per-hire

Proven in the most regulated business environments and sectors

“Ambertrack is the best in class. It has been designed for volume recruitment by people who understand volume recruitment.”

Head of Operations, Technology & Functions Campus Recruitment 


More than a psychometric

HiPo-i is an automated assessment tool that identifies potential through the use of blended assessment items. Scientifically proven, easily adaptable and anchored in assessment best practice, HiPo-i evaluates critical criteria that hasn’t previously been possible from a short, automated, off-the-shelf test.

HiPo-i is a digital assessment tool that supports organisations to identify future potential in candidates. The digital revolution presents disruptive challenges and organisations need a new approach to talent acquisition.

To meet the pace of progression, using HiPo-i organisations are now able to measure the four most important indicators of future potential: Grit, Digital Intelligence, Applied Intellect and Creative Force.

HiPo-i is also the first assessment product to define potential across three psychometric types: applied numerical intellect, applied verbal intellect, and behavioural assessment. It delivers a blended and highly interactive experience that has not previously been possible in a short, automated, off-the-shelf test.

Sift out 70% of applications

Save 80% of resource time

Transform candidate experience

“I really like the self-reflection aspect of it because I think it brings a more human approach to it. The company can actually see me.”

HiPo-i Candidate 


Unleash the power of digital

Impact is our Virtual Assessment Centre platform that transforms traditional, time-consuming, paper-based events into modern, automated virtual experiences. Digitally streamlining your recruitment programme is an effective and ultra-efficient way of saving you time, costs and the planet.

The Impact platform is fully personalised to your brand and any assessment exercises. It’s a secure standalone platform that captures all assessor scores, behaviours and comments for all exercises even across multiple locations. Time and costs are saved, and Assessment Centres made more effective with the paperless experience Impact delivers.

Impact transforms the objectivity, consistency, visibility and effectiveness of your Assessment Centres. Best of all because you have all your scores and MI data in one place you can make quality hiring decisions faster than ever before.

Planning assessment centres is 96% faster

Improve efficiency, make time to offer 93% faster

Secure, centralised access to data improves results

“Impact is innovative and relevant to today’s modern society. The technology is fast-paced, organised and very easy to use.”

Business Consulting Graduate Programme


Leading-edge assessment platform that identifies potential

Leap is our industry-leading immersive digital platform that powers a wide range of our automated tests and blended assessments.  Flexibly measure multiple candidate qualities:

  • Immersive and engaging candidate experience
  • A variety of ways to measure potential
  • Flexibly host a range of automated tests from one platform
  • Traditional cognitive assessments
  • Review reasoning, logic, numeracy and job specific ability
  • Behavioural assessments
  • Identify potential for presenting realistic job previews
  • Blended assessments
  • Measure different candidates qualities at the same time
  • Situational Judgement Tests (SJTs)
  • Tests tailored to realistic work scenarios bring proven results
  • Match-Me self-selection tools
  • Tests that suggest suitable roles based on candidates’ attributes

Make better hiring decisions faster

Instant and meaningful candidate feedback you can measure

Measure abilities to accurately predict success

“Leap delivers a branded experience that’s fully immersive to efficiently assess the talent we need.”

Recruitment Manager, Financial Services Firm


Video assessment made simple

Talentsee is the ultimate video assessment platform for managing volume recruitment. Our video interviewing technology can be seamlessly integrated into assessment tools – forming an effective part of their overall functionality. Pre-recorded and on-demand interviews are a highly efficient way of identifying the talent you need.

Video assessments give candidates a chance to express their personalities. Assessors can see candidates up close and score with confidence. Tagging positive candidate responses, recording comments and sharing interviews with others improves recruitment results.

Hire more efficiently using on-demand (pre-recorded) interviews

Stand out from the competition to showcase your culture

Save time and costs with no scheduling required

“Talentsee is easy to use with fantastic support. We can see candidates up-close and share videos to quickly screen them, saving time and costs.”

Head of Talent, Retailer 


Connecting with your candidates shows you care

Amberchat is our moderated chat platform that hosts real-time discussions for candidates. It’s been designed to create a more personal way to communicate with your future talent online. Connecting with candidates helps evolve relationships, improves attraction and ensures candidates remain engaged every step of the way.

Amberchat connects your people, content and ideas together in one simple, secure and social world. Your world. It’s a creative and flexible platform that helps people function better within an organisational context and improves talent engagement.

Online chats deliver the highest satisfaction levels of any customer service channel. Amberchat lets you create a fully branded and interactive environment where candidates can engage and connect. Our system improves candidate experience and gains the trust of your future talent potential – keeping candidates warm as they move through the process towards offers and onboarding.

Candidates benefit from increased engagement

Cost-effective tactic to engage candidates

Deliver an unrivalled candidate experience

“Amberchat helps us to maintain high levels of candidate engagement across all our early talent acquisition programmes.”

Graduate Recruitment Account Manager

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