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Informed strategy and design

We create innovative recruitment strategies that deliver results

A clearly defined future talent recruitment strategy is critical for sustainability and value. Our state-of-the-art services begin with the end in mind. We start with a detailed understanding of your corporate, talent, and broader recruitment strategies – as well as the opportunities and constraints within your market.

An effective programme needs to solve a properly understood problem or create defined incremental value. We can help you articulate strategy and design programmes that deliver optimal results now and into the future.

Develop clear foundations

Your recruitment strategy needs to be crystal clear from its foundations upwards – whether you’re responding to external stimulus, like the Apprenticeship Levy, or planning a new programme. We’ll help you identify the skills that you want to introduce into your workforce, the candidate profile you intend to target, and your proposition for participants. It’s crucial that you understand your medium-term talent goals, and the impact they will likely have on other areas within your organisation, to truly achieve a return on investment.

Deliver consistency across your organisation

We create recruitment frameworks that ensure your strategy is connected from attraction to selection, to ongoing development. Whether you want to instil the same DNA across all talent streams or develop a Future Leader’s Programme, our customised frameworks are proven to deliver quantifiable results. Based on British Psychological Society (BPS) best practices, our strategy designs are rigorously reviewed to be as powerfully effective as possible.

Unique design process

Aligned to your business strategy

Delivery of best practice

Intelligent attraction services

We create exceptional solutions to attract exceptional talent

Articulate your brand message

We’re laser-focused on articulating your brand message and bringing roles to life, so that candidates understand exactly what’s involved – and can select themselves in (or out).

Your brand is the essence of who you are and what you stand for as an employer. Your brand identity differentiates you from other organisations – and appeals to candidates who will perform well within your company culture.

Target and engage the right candidates

Candidates are making more targeted choices – so simply attracting a high volume of applicants to be a part of your future-proof workforce may no longer suffice.

We supplement our own expertise with further research to define your target candidate profile and the most likely sources to discover your next generation of talent. This involves a highly focused combination of paid media, unpaid media, social media, virtual events, physical events and a communications plan.

Our unique approach to attracting early talent is underpinned by professional insights, dedicated research and blended assessment expertise.

No other future talent specialist can claim as many powerful attraction techniques, including university contacts, strategic media planning, social media messaging and regular communications with candidates.

We work with you to connect your brand, values and recruitment strategies, raising your employer value proposition (EVP) while discovering the talent that you’re looking for.

In-depth insight and research

Award-winning engagement approach

Proactive campaign management

“Amberjack had answers to our challenges and a plan for our vision. Working as a ‘one team’ partnership we achieved outstanding results together.”

Emerging Talent Manager, Heathrow Airport Holdings 

Impactful assessment design

Our assessment frameworks help you get recruitment right the first time

Our cutting-edge assessments are designed to identify future talent in an engaging way that offers a realistic job preview. It’s critically important that you get your recruitment right the first time. Discovering high performing talent will give you 2.5 times the return of a poor recruit. We’ll support you through every element of the process from assessment framework and design to selecting the right technologies, quality assurance and adverse impact analysis.


Provide consumer grade experiences

Our groundbreaking assessment and selection tools are designed to have a significant impact on overall candidate experience. These days, it’s not simply about your assessment. Candidates’ expectations are set by consumer experience, so our selection tools need to be responsive, personalised and interactive – adding value at every stage. Our approach is to take candidates on an immersive journey while providing feedback that will help them further their careers.


Identify future-proof candidates

We’ll help your organisation define a target pool of future talent, and an assessment and selection process that enables you to filter through candidates with the greatest potential. Our approach to assessment design is anchored creating a realistic preview of your organisation and the applicant’s role within it. The best way to find if an applicant has potential, is by asking them to perform tasks they’ll be expected to carry out. We also encourage a diverse workforce to help innovate and challenge conventional thinking.

Do more with less

The modern recruiter is constantly being asked to do more with less, so automation and integration are increasingly decisive criteria. We constantly scan the consumer market to identify new trends and tools which can be adapted for selection to ensure that you and your candidates have the most engaging and efficient experience possible. Making sure your assessments recognise the right potential will define the success of your recruitment programme – where mis-hiring can cost leading organisations hundreds of thousands of pounds.


Create innovative solutions

Hire the talent you’re looking for

Improve diversity and inclusion

Effective assessment delivery

We’ll control the funnel at the top of your future talent pipeline

Process candidates with speed and accuracy

It’s essential to decisively process candidates with speed and accuracy, especially during the opening ‘deselection phase’ of your recruitment programme. 

During this phase – where activities are typically commoditised – technology and recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) solutions generally outperform in-house teams. By applying our market-leading assessment tools, we can sift through high volumes of candidates to find the future talent you’re looking for.

Introduce flexibility into your team

Our assessment delivery team works as an extension of your in-house recruitment team. And, you can trust us to provide additional support during peak seasons.

The volume of applications and subsequent number of interviews and assessment centres required can’t always be accurately predicted. We can help run your assessment centres, carry out video interviews, and offer flexible support – saving you resources without delaying the process.

At Amberjack, we can design and deliver end-to-end assessment processes or work closely to support your organisation’s in-house recruitment team.

The top end funnel of your future talent pipeline is where you’ll find the highest number of candidates in volume recruitment campaigns. Some of them will be a perfect fit for your organisation while others may not.

We’ll help you effectively filter large quantities of candidates at the beginning of your recruitment programme, identifying the potential that will help take your organisation into the future.

Improve overall efficiency

Deliver exceptional candidate experience

Combine technology with real interaction

“As an external candidate, the experience enhanced my relationship with the organisation and was a significant factor when weighing up other graduate opportunities on offer.”

Candidate, Imperial Brands 

Immersive candidate engagement

We keep your candidates warm and excited every step of the way

We understand the importance of keeping candidates engaged through each stage of your recruitment process, especially within the competitive early talent market.

Offers for roles in future talent programmes are being made ever earlier. Only a few years ago the average span of a recruitment process was six months – now, high-profile organisations are competing to make offers within one to two weeks.

For organisations who are unable to complete their recruitment process quickly, the need to invest in continuing engagement with candidates is more urgent.

Add value at every stage

We believe that future talent recruitment is more than just a process. Candidates invest considerable time and effort into applications and deserve to be rewarded – whether they’re successful or not.

Each stage of a candidate’s journey creates an opportunity for them to develop themselves. We can help organisations add value throughout their clients’ journey; supporting them with tools to inform their decision-making, guiding them through the process, and offering productive feedback.

Blend technology with a human touch

While technology can help filter the high numbers of candidates in volume recruitment campaigns, face-to-face interactions give our services a more personal human touch.

We realise that every touch point we have with your candidates reflects directly on your brand and values. With dedicated hotlines, online communications, social media management and coaching calls, we’re here to support your candidates every step of the way.

Keep your candidates warm

Build your brand loyalty

Receive expert support from us

Efficient onboarding management

Cost-effective, scalable solutions to welcome new talent

Maintain the flow of your talent pipeline

Our innovative and effective offer management and onboarding tools will transform your experience of welcoming graduates, apprentices, interns or even new teams into your organisation.

You stay in control of your recruitment pipeline while we manage the project, no matter how complex. We’re passionately committed to discovering high-potential talent, so we’ll take care of your candidates and represent your brand every step of the way.

Deliver a seamless candidate journey

At Amberjack, we create end-to-end solutions that cater for every stage of your recruitment process from application to starting date.

Our immersive onboarding solutions are designed to engage candidates and keep them warm and excited about starting their new roles. We create a fully branded New Joiners’ Portal and stay in contact through chat platforms, social media closed groups and regular online communications – as well as providing welcome packs for new starters.

Our digital onboarding solutions efficiently engage and empower your onboarders from the moment they accept an offer until the day they start.

Future talent research shows that time-to-offer is faster than ever before, while prolonged starting dates have led to an increase in reneged offers. It’s essential that your organisation acts swiftly to ensure candidates stay motivated and excited to start their future careers with you.

Our cost-effective and modular solutions immerse successful candidates in a tailor-made and fully branded journey that meets your precise needs and keeps your future leaders absorbed.

Improve acceptance rates

Reduce reneged offers

Provide a platform to educate

“I would consider Amberjack a true partner. The relationship is built on trust and mutual respect and we look to co-create solutions and work through challenges together.”

Future Talent Manager, Mars 

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