How we turned the dial on diversity for Network Rail

Over the past season we partnered with Network Rail to proactively turn the dial on diversity. The exceptional results we have achieved has led to our work being shortlisted for the Diversity and Inclusion accolade at September’s CIPD People Management Awards.

Network Rail runs the fastest growing railway in Europe and with demand set to double in the next 20 years they’re working on the biggest upgrade in over 150 years. The customers and the communities Network Rail work with are truly diverse but the organisation is just 16% female and 6% from minority backgrounds. As a result, Network Rail is wholeheartedly committed to increasing diversity.

Network Rail had a vision to drive diversity. With a complex early talent landscape hiring over 500 graduates and apprentices across 11 functions in 69 different locations and a limited window of opportunity for transformation, what could we hope to achieve?

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