The story of our Race to the Stones

For team Ambertrek the quest is over. At the weekend our intrepid team took part in a very expected journey – The Race to the Stones. It’s a journey like no other. Following in the footsteps of Romans, Vikings, & Kings it’s a race over 100km of The Ridgeway in just 48hrs. This is a challenge the team has spent months training for and one that has proven to be a true test of endurance, stamina and teamwork. It’s been a quest and all in the name of a very deserving cause, to raise money for the SSAFA (the Armed Forces Charity).

Ambertrek team spokesman Dan Taylor picks up the story. “Day one was tough. 11hour 45 mins of trekking along The Ridgeway. Adie, Debbie, Martha, Nathan and I set off at 8.45am.” But things didn’t all go according to plan. “After 30km Martha had a suspected stress fracture in her hip and Nathan was suffering with cramps and severe blisters.” Supported and encouraged by their team mates “there were tears and cries of pain but Martha and Nathan both managed to dig deep and push themselves hard to complete the first day.“ Continued Dan.

Under the stars that night the team had a chance to rest safe in the knowledge that reaching the halfway point was an achievement in itself. It was hot work. Battling through the longest heatwave to hit southern England in five years they all knew that in a few short hours their quest would begin once again. And so it did. “Day 2 was even harder” admitted Dan. Worse still Martha and Nathan had to withdraw due to the injuries they’d suffered that first punishing day on Britain’s oldest road. Sad to see their teammates forced to withdraw and having had little sleep Debbie, Adie and Dan were galvanised with a new sense of determination to complete this challenge of challenges for their fallen teammates.

On Sunday the three remaining team members set off at 6am, just as the sun was climbing into the sky. Little did they know then that ahead of them lay a further 11 punishing hours on the hot and dusty Ridgeway. “After 30 km we thought the challenge might have beaten us and we’d given all we had” conceded Dan. “However, together we struggled on with knee pain, blisters, toe nails falling off, sunburn, dehydration and somehow managed to make it to the Avebury stone circle and cross the finish line.

Speaking for the team and reflecting on their journey, Dan admits “It’s fair to say this was the hardest challenge any of us have ever faced in our lives.”

At Amberjack we’re all really proud of what the team has achieved. Their dedication, teamwork and fighting spirit reflect what makes us Amberjack. But best of all they’ve taken on this challenge for social good. Charities connect individuals with the causes, issues and people that are important to them. Together they’ve raised a fantastic £1,452 for the SSAFA and we hope this sum will increase over the coming days. If you’d like to support a superb team effort and a very worthwhile and deserving cause please donate what you can here https://www.justgiving.com/teams/Ambertrek

Let’s leave it to Dan to have the last word.

“A massive thank you to everyone who has supported us with their time and donations so far. The Race to the Stones has been an epic challenge and it’s been fantastic to raise money for such a deserving cause as the SSAFA. Thanks so much everyone!”.