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These are unprecedented times. And as we all rush to adapt to our new normal, one thing is clear: change is a constant. In fact, the only variable will be the speed at which it comes.

We’ve always believed that shifting sands are an opportunity for ambitious businesses to step up and be bold.

By prioritising adaptability and agility, we can create workplaces that are geared towards the talent of the future. The people who’ll shape, define and deliver our tomorrow. Whether they’re contemplating their first career move, or a new career sprint, they will be looking to see who flourishes in this remarkable situation. The companies that act with integrity towards their people. The ones who embrace their culture and live their values when it really matters.

When this is all over, the makers of tomorrow will be ready to take their place. And we’ll be ready to help you find them, with a proprietary process that defines and evaluates potential: the only criteria that matters when change is the only certainty.

Until then, we’re making our industry-leading tech platforms free-to-use for the duration of this extraordinary crisis:

Ambertrack – our award winning ATS
TalentSee – our video interview platform
Leap – our automated online assessment platform
Impact – our digital assessment centre platform/virtual events platform
Amberchat – our online group chat platform

Please contact Sophie.Meaney@weareamberjack.com if you wish to take up our offer.

Otherwise we wish you, your families, your friends and your colleagues all the very best through these weird and worrying times.