Research from the Future Talent Insights Report has shown that video interviewing is becoming more popular. Our new research shows that most employers now use video technology. More significantly we also found video to be more predictive of success than telephone interviews. It’s amazing how quickly video has ceased to be controversial and has become an accepted part of the landscape.

But are you getting the most out of video assessment?

Where video sits in your process matters
The way you ask questions matters
The number of questions matters
It’s not just about interviewing though, video assessment platforms, in the right hands, can do far more than just host interview questions and answers.

We can advise on these key areas because Future Talent is in our DNA. And as experienced recruiters no one else can give you more robust insight into video interviewing by designing your questions and making assessment more effective. This combination is powerful. We will make your video interviews more effective and show you how you can use the technology to innovate other areas of your recruitment. We can even help as an extra pair of eyes and ears to review your video interviews / assessments for you.

Harness the full potential of video technology in your selection process. Find out how our experience can deliver the results you need. Get in touch or call us on 01635 584130.

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