Early talent recruitment presents an exciting opportunity for employers to inspire their leaders of the future and create an emotional bond at every step of recruitment. With new and innovative assessment tools and techniques its now very easy to select in or deselect out high volumes of talent quickly, efficiently and effectively by delivering the engaging experience young candidates expect today.

With candidates not yet started on their career paths, they’re applying in mass to any employer willing to consider them for a role, while at the same time employers are fighting each other to appeal to the highest calibre of talent. If you’re serious about engaging early talent you must consider the demanding needs of candidates today to make your brand stand out.

In the video above we’ll explore the specific characteristics of early careers recruitment, show why recruitment must change, together with emerging trends, the key challenges we face and ways to overcome them to make your recruitment effective, efficient, and engaging to meet the needs of tech savvy applicants today.

If you take early talent seriously and have the desire to improve how you engage and recruit apprentices, school leavers, interns or graduates streams add your detail on the right to learn more about the award winning Amberjack approach.


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