Leap is an immersive digital assessment platform that makes assessment and selection more efficient, effective and engaging than ever before. It combines the latest innovative tech with robust insights-based assessment and selection tests that deliver the quality talent you need. Leap flexibly hosts a wide range of automated assessment tests. From traditional text-based assessments of aptitude, cognition, judgement and personality to blended assessments, cutting edge immersive video Situational Judgement Tests (SJTs) and interactive Match-Me tools that engage candidates more effectively.

Trusted by the largest professional service firms and the biggest brands in the world, Leap delivers a world-class candidate experience that not only improves quality of hire but drives retention. Assessments can be delivered as individual tests or blended together to form a single video-immersive assessment stage in a variety of media.

Behavioural assessments identify the potential to succeed in role and sift out candidates who are not suitable by presenting realistic job previews.
Traditional cognitive assessments reveal reasoning, logic, numeracy, job specific competencies and ability to accurately predict potential for success.
Blended assessment measures multiple qualities from a candidate, including behavioural, cognitive and ability areas. Regardless of the approach selected, all assessments seamlessly integrate with your existing recruitment process to help you make better hiring decisions, faster.

As an immersive platform Leap is born to deliver the world class consumer experience that candidates demand today. Responsive design means that an optimal experience is guaranteed across all devices for all tests. In-built personalised automated feedback helps meet the instant demand of feedback hungry candidates by explaining what they did well and where they can improve. Also, by measuring the experience of candidates with Net Promoter Scores (NPS) engagement is benchmarked as a process of continual improvement. Leap not only empowers your employer brand but better supports our candidates at every step of their journey.

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