The key headline from the ISE’s (Institute of Student Employers) annual survey is that the student recruitment market is resilient. Despite the county’s political turmoil employers have been continuing to recruit new entry-level talent in a positive and optimistic way.

Employers are also recruiting more students than they did last year. Graduate numbers are up by 10% while non-graduate (e.g. school leavers) hires are up by 7%. On the graduate side this has been an unusually good year as this level hasn’t been seen since the 2013/14 season. Starting salaries have also increased, with the average for a graduate being £29,000 (a £750 increase on last year) and the average non-graduate starting salary now at £17,417 (up by almost £1000 on last year).

However, there have been some surprising reductions in the number of short-term and temporary graduate hires that employers are recruiting. Firms recruited 4% less interns this year than last season and offered 7% less placements.

Employers also reported other challenges in recruiting the right graduates for particular roles. For example, 41% of employers who were recruiting graduate engineers and 39% who were recruiting programmers and IT developers found these roles difficult to fill. When asked about their long-term vision, employers expressed concerns that engineers, IT and technical and analytical roles would become increasingly difficult to recruit over the next five years.

The majority (53%) of employers also revealed that they were worried that either Brexit or an economic recession would negatively impact on the growth of their recruitment over the next five years.

In summary, everyone has concerns about the future, but for now at least, they are generally looking on the bright side.

Analysis of the future talent market is also something that Amberjack report on in the Future Talent Insights Report. The report is made up of survey responses and over 500,000 lines of candidate data from applicant tracking systems. Part 1 of the report is useful for benchmarking using our application to hire ratios and diversity statistics, and will help you evaluate your attraction efforts with our university and media source analysis. To request your copy, fill out your details on the right.

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