The Future Talent Insights Report finds that the focus for apprentice recruitment must be about assessing potential for future success. This is best practice because apprenticeship and graduate programmes are markedly different, so each needs a dedicated approach. But also, because the age profile of most apprentices means they need more care and support than more robust and generally older graduate candidates.

Our new end-to-end solution is purpose built for apprentice recruitment. Because it’s integrated its immersive, bringing innovation, engagement, and rigor to your recruitment like nothing before.

It starts with Intelligent Attraction. Reaching out and engaging the talent you need with the right messaging, at the right time. Results-focused and accountable its tailor-made to deliver the results you need in the simplest and most cost-effective way possible.

Apprentice Recruiter then makes the management of multiple talent streams easier and more effective. It flexibly maps to any recruitment process. This means you can easily manage all your apprenticeship recruitment campaigns side-by-side in a single system. Apprentice Recruiter can be deployed quickly and easily delivering a fully branded and engaging recruitment journey. It provides all the reporting and intelligence you need together with delivering an experience apprentice’s love. It will not only save time and costs but make recruitment a breeze for you, and your candidates.

Finally, Apprentice Selector uniquely identifies future potential in apprentices. It’s a robust and immersive solution to assess high volumes of apprentices quickly and easily. By assessing fit, decision making, and judgement together with the authentic behaviours and skills needed for effective performance retention rates are improved. Apprentice Selector therefore not only delivers long term value but also identifies the skills, motivation, and abilities needed by your candidates now and in the future.

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