What my apprenticeship means to me

At Amberjack we’re passionate about developing and supporting our people. As part of National Apprenticeship Week, we wanted to share the experiences of some of our team and the apprenticeship journey they’ve taken.

My name is Emily Robinson and I’m part of the marketing team. I wanted to take a Level 3 Advanced Apprenticeship in Marketing to improve my knowledge and progress my career. I’ve always been interested in marketing as a career path but didn’t have a formal qualification, so this was an opportunity I didn’t want to miss, to build on my existing skills and develop the skills I didn’t have yet.

I knew the Apprenticeship was going to challenge me. But I was excited about it. I worked through knowledge-based units such as competitor analysis, developing a marketing plan, working with other people and designing marketing promotions for digital campaigns. What made it more interesting was that all the units were based on our business, so I improved both my marketing skills and knowledge of the future talent market. The Apprenticeship took a year and a half to complete and finished with six exams ranging from 30 mins to four hours in length. The final exams were tough! But I revised hard and am proud to have passed with a high mark.

My apprenticeship journey was really interesting and rewarding. It’s given me the knowledge and skills I use every day in my role. It’s provided me with the foundation to build my career, more confidence in what I do and the springboard for me to take a higher-level qualification. Best of all I was able to learn while I was working and use the knowledge the apprenticeship gave me to make a difference at Amberjack.

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