The Four Things Your Volume Recruitment ATS must do

Applicant Tracking Systems (ATSs) or Recruitment Management Systems (RMSs) can be incredibly powerful tools. They make processes more efficient, improve candidate experience and enable you to make informed decisions. But all too often, ATSs fail to do these things.

In this white paper we identify the unique challenges that volume hiring places on ATS technology. Then we present a checklist you can use to ensure ATS technology is effective.

At Amberjack we come into daily contact with almost all the mainstream systems. We manage over 250,000 candidates a year for many of the nation’s largest and highest profile hiring campaigns.

In our experience, it is rarely the systems themselves that are at fault. But rather the way in which they have been implemented. One of the most common problems is when technology is bought for one type of recruitment process but then used for a different process altogether. Specifically, we see recruiters using ATSs for volume hiring that were not designed to be used in that way.

We hope you enjoy our take on the challenges of volume recruitment. And understand our conclusions about how technology should support campaigns.

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