See Impact in action at the Shard

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Impact revolutionises the effectiveness and efficiency of Assessment Centres. Register your details for our exclusive launch event at the Shard on 22nd November from 12pm – 2.30pm. Places are limited so reserve your place today.

Impact is a paperless platform that manages Assessment or Development Centres. Acting as a central hub the experience for all participants is completely digital, delivering an immersive and authentic experience of working life today.

Fully personalised to your brand and any assessment exercises impact is a secure platform that captures all assessment data even across multiple locations. Candidates benefit from personalised schedules, task instructions and group exercises, while Assessors and Facilitators access information, score and record their comments digitally.

Time and costs are saved, and Assessment Centres made more effective with the paperless experience impact delivers. You benefit from instant and complete visibility of Assessment Centre data in one place, making wash-ups faster and more efficient to better inform your hiring decisions.

Join us to see Impact in action and join the Paperless Assessment Centre revolution. You’ll see how impact revolutionises the Assessment experience and helps you make quality hiring decisions faster than ever before.

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