Gamification has been a buzz word for a few years. But it is now starting to gain some significant traction. Research from Gartner indicates that 70% of organisations now have at least one gamified application in their HR strategy.

Gamification is the application of typical elements of game playing to other areas of activity. It taps into the basic desires and needs of the user’s impulses. These revolve around the ideas of Status and Achievement. The objective is to drive participation, engagement and loyalty. Put in a nutshell, it is the science of fun. And is all about introducing goals (the challenge: reward ratio is critical), clear rules and feedback. All of these elements help encourage voluntary participation.

Volume recruitment processes are obvious targets for Gamification. Not only do they benefit from the engagement potential. But Gamification typically also involves some element of technology enablement and / or automation. This is always very helpful when dealing with volume.

Gamification of a selection process is a spectrum. We understand how to make it work at the most basic and most sophisticated levels. As well as how to manage face validity and cost implications. We also design game-like tools. And we can help you make your existing process significantly more engaging and contemporary with limited investment.

Find out more about Gamification and the various tools and approaches available. We’d be delighted to run through the ways, it can enhance your recruitment process. Call us on 01635 584130.

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