Candidate experience is extremely important for the world of future talent recruitment.

    It is especially important for volume campaigns where numbers of candidates to recruiter ratios are high, making it difficult to provide a consistently high level of constant contact. CareerBuilder recently found that candidates are less likely to purchase from a company that treated them poorly during the application process. Candidates today are also more likely to share their experiences on social media and with family and friends. These shared experiences are more trustworthy than all other forms of advertising to 92% of consumers, according to Nielsen.

    It is not surprising that most businesses don’t measure candidate experience. But as outlined above there are compelling strategic and financial reasons why candidate experience should be taken more seriously.

    Amberjack work exclusively on volume recruitment projects. We recently won Recruiter’s Innovation and Supplier of the Year Awards together with two AGR Awards because of the efficiency we deliver. A key reason for this industry recognition is our Ambertrack recruitment system. It integrates your entire process in a single platform and crucially Ambertrack is the only system that measures candidate experience. After each recruitment stage Ambertrack measures the experience of each candidate. This gives you the ability to easily see which candidates are engaged and those who are not. But best of all you can then do something about it. So if you are serious about your business then you must be serious about measuring candidate experience. Find out how Ambertrack can transform your recruitment today or call us on 01635 584130.