In a competitive market, working with the right strategic partners can give you the edge and bring significant benefits.

    Recent world events have accelerated the pace of digital transformation. In a competitive market, working with the right strategic partners can give you the edge over other organisations and bring significant benefits.

    At Amberjack, we are pioneers in developing recruitment technology and services that help organisations build award-winning experiences and achieve exceptional results.

    We are currently identifying potential strategic partners who could benefit from access to our technology to enable their clients to design and implement innovative, efficient, and effective recruitment solutions.

    Read more about how a partnership with Amberjack could support your business:

    Build trust

    We’ve spent the last 15 years intelligently automating recruitment processes. Atkins, EY, Tesco, Virgin Media and Mars are just a handful of the companies who choose to partner with us. In the past 12 months we have been shortlisted for an impressive X industry awards which highlights the quality of our work and the strength of our partnerships.

    Access recruitment technology

    Our award-winning technology identifies potential, offers end-to-end virtualisation of recruitment processes and delivers best-in-class experiences for our clients and their candidates.

    Partner with experts

    For organisations that are seeking a partnership anchored in knowledge and expertise Amberjack is a recruitment specialist like no other. We are a dedicated team of professionals with a common purpose. We want to drive progress and innovation in the recruitment sector whilst supporting the continued growth and success of our business and our partner organisations.

    Increase Revenue

    Every partnership needs a purpose. When strategic objectives align and resources complement each other, business partners can provide each other with new market access and, in turn, new revenue streams. Our number one objective is always to provide the very best solution for our clients and partners in doing to ensure we build and maintain long-lasting relationships.

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