Strategic assessment and selection tools to enhance your future talent recruitment process.

    As we’ve seen in the Future Talent Insights Report, Match-Me and Self-Selection tools are the solution to managing high volumes of candidates in an engaging way. And they’re getting increasingly effective and cutting-edge. If you can prevent ill-fitting applicants from applying whilst increasing the engagement of the right candidates, you will save both time and costs while improving candidate experience.

    Both tools take applicants through real-life scenarios that they’ll experience whilst working for you. And then provide feedback on role / organisation fit. Match-Me tools suggests roles that fit. Self-Selection tools suggests organisation / specific role fit. Applicants then apply based on the feedback they’re given.

    Benefits include

    • Promote your brand and share via social media
    • Improve candidate experience
    • Give applicants a realistic role preview
    • Manage candidate expectations
    • Save time and costs by reducing volumes of ill-fitting applicants
    • Improve retention rates
    • Measure ROI through our Assessment Platform

    This is an example of the Self- Selection tool we designed for Chivas Brothers. It has resulted in time and cost savings while increasing employee retention.

    We even have an Assessment Platform that can host your tool and promote your brand. The applicant experience is configurable allowing scenarios to be text only with interactive still images or video. But the key trend to take notice of is that these tools are becoming more immersive. Watch a video that demonstrates an immersive experience.

    If you’re interested in finding out more about how these tools can make your process more effective (including indicative pricing) please fill out your details or call us on 01635 584130.