5% Club and Schneider Electric findings validate Amberjack approach.

    New research by the 5% Club and Schneider Electric has found that young people prefer a high level of the human ‘touch’ when applying for jobs. These findings back the ‘human touch’ approach that we’ve championed for the past five years as evidenced by our case studies.

    Over half of young people (58%) would like to experience a 25% tech-enabled v 75% human interaction during recruitment, with a further third preferring 50% tech-enabled v 50% human.
    Whilst young people are positive about the use of cognitive gaming in recruitment today, this tool is only used by 9% of employers surveyed.
    Similarly, experiences of online knowledge assessments and on-demand videos (where candidates provide a response to set questions) are rated as positive by the young people surveyed, but only put into practice by a third of employers;
    67% of employers believe young people expect to see technology being used in the recruitment process, yet results show that only 18% of young people feel that technology gave them an advantage in the recruitment process;
    85% of employers agree that the rising use of technology helps to manage high volumes of applications and 76% said technology helps workflow.

    Watch our presentation “Automating like a human: always engaged in the digital age” to find out about the ‘human touch’ and if you’d like to know more add your details on the right or call 01635 584130 to find out more.